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    Graff and Sons Mexico Missouri

    They've been around a long time and are a very good company to deal with.
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    SOLD Stainless Pietta 1858 .44 New Army Revolver plus accessories

    I'll share my experience. I bought a muzzleloader last year from an individual from NJ and it was shipped from his FFL to my FFL in Missouri and I was not charged any fees on my end. Not a big deal folks and good luck with your sale.
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    WANTED Looking for a .32 or .36 for my wife.........really

    I have an unfired CVA Squirrel 32cal and a T/C Cherokee 45cal. I know you weren’t looking for a 45cal, but just thought I would see. PM me if interested.
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    SOLD FS Thompson Center Hawken 45 cal

    Up for sale is a very nice 45 cal T/C Hawken. The price is $400 shipping included in the lower 48. USPS money order accepted for payment. First to post I’ll take it followed by a PM wins the sale.
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    SOLD FS 54 cal Hornady RB’s with 54 cal accessories

    I have for sale one unopened box of Hornady .530 RB’s and one opened containing 80 RB’s. The following 54 cal accessories are also included. Ball puller Scraper Cleaning jag Brush Bore mop 4 ball speed loader made by the man, the myth, the legend Two Feathers All items for sale for $60...
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    SOLD FS T/C Renegade 54 cal

    Up for sale is a very nice T/C Renegade 54 cal. The price is $350 + shipping within the lower 48. First to post I’ll take it wins the sale followed by a PM to arrange the details of payment. Thanks for looking.
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    FOR SALE .50 cal Dixie Tennessee

    i guess it’s free?
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    CLOSED TC Hawken 50 for trade

    East Tennessee but no county.
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    SOLD FS 1973 Mavi Hawken 45cal BP rifle

    There you are, words from a seasoned veteran.