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  1. spudnut
    spudnut Grenadier1758
    You mention one of your guys in your unit has a narregansett 1st model llp bess,did he buy it from a guy in michigan? Im looking for thd guy I sold mine to but dont remember his name
  2. Cruzatte
    Cruzatte JakeM
    I live in Lawrence. There's a muzzle loading rifle club whose range is near Overbrook; the First Santa Fe Trail Plainsmen. I've been a member since 1985. Contact Steve Falls, president We shoot third Sundays every month except January.
  3. john krebs
    john krebs
    John Krebs 50 Cal.
  4. smoothshooter
    smoothshooter CoyoteJoe
    Are you still out there, Joe?
    I would like to get some guidance on a jug choking project I will have coming up.
  5. Mad Irish Jack
    Mad Irish Jack Angie
    Angie, I had a 100% Orraskan wool blanket listed that I sold at a historical event. I tried to mark it sold or remove it. I cannot get that done. could you assist please. thank you. Mad Irish Jack
  6. nit wit
    nit wit divercs
    I will take those mocs. Are you going to the Alifia River vous? I have friends down there at this time. If not my zip code is 04253.
    Nit Wit
  7. fred45
    fred45 tenngun
    Hello tenngun from Ozark! I have had a T/C for 35 years and have hunted deer with it for the last 7, I am referbing a Traditions hawkens , got it for $50, drilled out the ball stripped it down am browning the barrel tonight. sanded out the bore to smooth, not sure what cal it is now you can see the rifling a little.
    1. tenngun
      A smooth rifle, or a rifle mounted fusil, think you’ll enjoy it.
      Jan 11, 2019 at 12:32 AM
  8. Cruzatte
    Wherever you go, there you are.
  9. kansas_volunteer
    kansas_volunteer Grimord
    I'll be going to P.O. today to buy MO to send you.
  10. 8 BORE
    8 BORE gary peacemaker
    My email is
  11. watopeka
    watopeka 8 BORE
    Will try to send a picture
  12. Rockvillerich
    Above ground
  13. Mike Horsman
    Mike Horsman
    Always armed.
  14. Mad Irish Jack
    Mad Irish Jack thomas
    Sorry, Blanket is $80 & inc S&H to lower 48. Mad Irish Jack
  15. Travler
    Member of the Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade
  16. sussexmuzllodr
    "Its not the Caliber of what you shoot..its the Caliber of those you meet in your Journey"
  17. sussexmuzllodr
    "Its not the Caliber that you shoot...its the Caliber of those you meet in your Journey"
  18. 1969ivan1
    1969ivan1 wyoduster
    U can contact me direct at if u like
  19. 1969ivan1
    1969ivan1 wyoduster
    I am interested in this 63. How far away are u from 90? I will be driving from Cinti to Rochester later this month and could poss come look at it then.
  20. eggwelder
    eggwelder james d ward
    not sure if you are still on this forum. Crewdawg is a sycophantic asshole, i don't acknowledge his existence anymore. hope he does not keep you from this forum. he probably won't comment on anymore posts you make.
    there are many on here who will help you, and much more on american long rifles forum.
    best of luck with your lock build