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  1. Thunder14
  2. jim bowie
    jim bowie Robwright
    How about a Browning recurve? Right hand #47. 60" great shape. I've other stuff listed for sale or trade including knives in the edged weapons section. Got a couple other bows as well.
  3. Blogman
    Blogman Robwright
    I have a couple of bows I'd like you to consider about the right hand rifle.
  4. Arturo Perez
    Arturo Perez
    I became a FCF last weekend and I am starting my journey.
  5. Thunder14
    Thunder14 woodsrunner
    Welcome to the area,I’m in Monroe county by Mt.Pocono. You will not find making friends around here easy its like there guarding some mystical secret when you ask them about hunting or fishing.the guy at the bait store/sporting goods store told me he didn’t know were anyone fishes.Ya and my family have been here since the 1800’s
  6. bavarialand
    I am here, and so are you.
    1. Nyckname
      Everywhere you go, there you are.
      Aug 11, 2019
  7. stevenjay1
    stevenjay1 BruceL
    Hi Bruce, When you finish your rifle send me an email at I don't check the Muzzle loading forum as often as I should. Thanks, Steve
  8. Mean Gene
    Mean Gene Angie
    Hello Angie, my name is Charles Comly, I have been following this forum for a couple of years now, after re registering somehow my forum name changed from Mean Gene to charles comly, I would like to change it back, could you help me out?
    1. Angie
      Ypur name is changed now. Remember to use Mean GEne when you log in.
      Jul 30, 2019
  9. Chris C
    Chris C Stony Broke
    My number is 8178070829
  10. Chris C
    Chris C Stony Broke
    Thanks for finding that sight
    I’d definitely be interested in seeing it or owning it too!
    Man that Hawken shop really has a lot of goodies if you are hunting them.
    Never seen that webpage before
  11. TxRambler
    TxRambler tom berwinkle
    1862 Pistol, is shipping included?If not, how much to ship to Houston, Texas? What forms of payment?
  12. springfield art
    springfield art dave951
    wow, what excellent information! I'm surprised how much shooting can be done without cleaning. You've really got your experience together. Thanks for posting!
  13. tom berwinkle
    tom berwinkle Stumpkiller
    my pistol posted dissapered, can you telo me why
    1. Stumpkiller
      Jul 25, 2019
  14. springfield art
    springfield art Rat
    Yes, If you are shooting alone, it's fine with no guard. However, I spent many days re-enacting in Rev War units, and nothing is more disconcerting than having a guy right next to you, shooting hot sparks out onto you neck and face. (Eyes!). All organized units require the guard as a safety feature. But of course, at your lonesome out on the range, have fun!
  15. MSW
    MSW duelist1954
    I saw your u- tube video on paper cartridges using the Era Gone molded bullets. I'd like to try this in a Colt 1860 by Pietta … will I have to remove metal from the loading area? How do I go about this? How do I refinish the barrel once I'm done?
  16. Colin Carter
    Colin Carter Glenn Osborne
    Hi Glenn, I am looking around for an officers fusil and saw your post from back in May that you have a North Star West fusil that you'd be willing to part with. If you still have it and are still willing to part with it I'd be very interested in it.


  17. Huntinshep
    Huntinshep Gent
    Could I ask what load your brother uses in the pedersoli 10 gauge. I assume he uses same in both mod and full barrels
  18. Oldhickory
    No problem. IAB company makes Lyman rifles as well as the Cabelas Hawken.
  19. springfield art
    springfield art lyman54
    Left Hand Percussion .54.Bbl. shortened to 25", refinished
    metal to age, thinned stock, removed crescent & cheekpiece, replaced with a leather lace-on
    butt cup. Browned bbl., made a short plains rifle; article in Muzzle Blasts re: period short bbl. Plains Rifles,
    they printed my letter describing alterations.Don't like the heavy long, Lyman bbl.
    Only shot once, will rely on reports these rifles are fine shooters.
    1. lyman54
      Wow. Must be a beauty, love to see a photo of it. Yes they are indeed fine shooters. I kinda like long barrels, had a '53 Enfield with a 39" barrel now I'm shooting a Zouave only a 32" on that. Would like to hear how your's shoots. Cheers
      Jul 20, 2019
  20. springfield art
    springfield art Sidney Smith
    Sid, the Dixon's affair is the last full weekend of July; this current heat wave may be over by then...
    I like to go Fridays, early, less crowd, better chance of picking up a neat item from a table before
    the many people pass thru!