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  1. thorr1965
    thorr1965 Roughneck
    is the 32cal pedersoli still for sale
    1. Roughneck
      Yes it’s still available
      Apr 24, 2019 at 5:00 AM
  2. cephus
    cephus jimbobber
    i will take the cva double if you can wait till the first when my va check comes in. if not thank you for your time.

  3. Smoothbore12
    Smoothbore12 Stony Broke
    received check will send by Wednesday and supply tracking.
    Thanks JB
  4. medbill
    Builder, hunter, shooter and collector of everything muzzleloading.
  5. Blogman
    Blogman ozarkfenianforge
    Hey man! Glad ya are here.
  6. ozarkfenianforge
    looking for a long rifle stock or blank, or old musket/rifle stock 1790 /1890
  7. horsecavalryman
    horsecavalryman DEDHEAD
    Did you get my trade offer for Charlesville?
  8. Andy Burris
    Andy Burris Angie
    Angie, I wish to be removed please. Can't find the link anywhere. Not interested in others telling me or others about stuff they weren't around to see first hand. Ridiculous.
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  9. Longrifle NH
    Longrifle NH msb
    Hi please contact me about your rifle.
    Thank you!
  10. LRB
    LRB Two Feathers
    Hi 2F. Just curious, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to. No hard feelings at all if you don't. Just wondering why you choose 1095 steel to work with, and what is your HT procedure with it.
  11. Rudyard
    Rudyard dave_person
    Dear Dave Are you reading this message I am unhandy with the E machines so not sure I am PM ing this to you rather that the MLF direct per mu last MLF post in response to your the machine said its not longh enough hence Ime filling the page with words so its happy . Ime 74 not up on this E stuff but do find it usefull Regards Rudyard
  12. Rudyard
    Rudyard dave_person
    Dear Dave are you getting this? if so send me your E Regards Rudyard
    DEDHEAD Columbus
  14. CapnJack
    CapnJack russellshaffer
    My Uncle, Loyal Rookhuyzen recently past away, had a place at the foot of Stukel Mt. for many years.
    I was stationed at Kingsley In the early 60's and I still have a cousin and her family living in the area.
  15. Lawmanwes
    Lawmanwes Alaskagrizz49
    Recently bought a couple of pieces from Craig. Shipped from AK to TX with the only problem being USPS on this end. I found him to be fair and a man of his word. If you have opportunity to do bidness with him, do not hesitate.
  16. Le Loup
    Le Loup
    My thanks to all those who have shown civility on this forum regardless of whether or not you agreed with me. Much appreciated
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  17. CKGreene
    Still active in the craft and hobby.
  18. Mad L
  19. Mad L
    Mad L
    Keep your flint sharp, and your fire bright
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  20. Bryan Ney
    Bryan Ney tenngun
    Thanks for the info on my blunderbuss!
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