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02-22-05 04:28 PM - Post#85181    

can anyone tell me how to get ahold of poppins moccasins? a website or email would be great

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03-03-05 03:32 PM - Post#89734    

    In response to 05bev54

While on the subject of moccasins, I've looked without success for an example of moccasins the Shawnees would have worn circa 1800-1814. Any clues?

03-03-05 04:09 PM - Post#89752    

    In response to riverrat43

You're in Alabama Rat!

Shawnee or Creek?

Not an expert, but I would say the Shawnee used a standard center seam.

Creek used a pucker toe style center seam.

click on creek/seminole moccs

Tecumseh was half Creek anyway!

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03-03-05 04:51 PM - Post#89770    

    In response to ghost

Uh huh! Alabama. .....but..Cornstalk, Blue Jacket and also Tecumseh spent time here.
The name Shawnee itself means "Southern" or with another spelling "Southerner". The Shawnee who migrated down here were known as the Southern band. Looking in to just which specific clans now. They lived with the Creeks down around what is now, Perdue Hill and also up around Talladega.
My reason for asking is that I am trying to come up with PC mocs that a guy in say, 1812, who lives in South Alabama and keeps tabs on the Indian Confederation for Gen'l Jackson might have worn. Seems like, what with trading with Creeks, Shawnees, Cherokees, Spanish and French, that persona would have a rather wide range of clothing choices.

I was sent an email from an outfit called yatahai dot com, that offered a pair of "historically correct, documented Shawnee moccasins. They looked really good but looked awful "Hollywoodsy" at the same time. I sent them an email asking what documentation they used.
If I do get into re-enacting, sure would rather find out now if something is not correcct before I buy it or make it.

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03-18-05 01:17 AM - Post#96408    

    In response to riverrat43

Don't bother. Go to nativetech as suggested above.
The French make great allies for Indians

03-21-05 07:28 AM - Post#97534    

    In response to 05bev54

I just found a flyer for Poppens (not Poppins--my mistake, too) mocs. They do not have email or a website. Don't have the address handy, but be warned: if you want a pair for "juried" 18th century events, they won't pass muster.

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