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09-16-03 02:32 AM - Post#766    

I know that walnut hulls can be used to make a brown dye, but walnuts are scarce in my neighborhood.
However, hickory nuts are everywhere. Has anyone tried to make a dye with them? If so, what color did you get?
Maybe I'll just boil up a batch, thrown in a scrap piece of canvas, and see what I get.

Passed On
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09-16-03 10:53 AM - Post#767    

    In response to Rancocas

The bark, twigs, and hulls of the nuts can be used to produce a brown dye, the nut and hulls contain tannin.

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12-23-03 12:08 AM - Post#768    

    In response to Musketman

Kinda a yellowish tint....much like the pale yellow of boiled onion skins.

02-03-04 11:49 AM - Post#7002    

    In response to Rancocas

Hard to believe walnut trees are scarce in Cleveland TN! Look everywhere! I've picked them up in city parks and state campgrounds. Strongest batch I ever hustled up was from the walnut trees in the "loop" at Middle TN State University! It dosen't take many either. Ten or twelve nuts with hulls, boiled for a half hour in a five gallon bucket will be plenty strong. Let the liquid cool before putting finished stuff in there or the clothes will usually shrink. Pour in a cup of vinegar to help the dye set.
If you're really desperate, Ritt Dye, pearl gray combined with the Kaki tone, mixed real strong, comes close to duplicating the walnut color, since the walnut dye is different each time. Stay away from the brown Ritt Dye. It always has a phony look to the color. The black works good if you wash it a few times to fade it out.

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