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ToothPick Jim 
40 Cal.
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09-14-18 01:52 PM - Post#1702581    

I just picked this up cheap at a estate sale and was wondering what type of gun this barrel would be correct for and if anyone can tell the maker?

Trade gun?

32" Overall length....12" hex 20" round
.62 cal smooth

Posts: 6188
09-14-18 02:34 PM - Post#1702587    

    In response to ToothPick Jim

Nice looking barrel.
That looks similar to a piece in the Tippecanoe battle field museum. There were a few there on display made by Bixler & Iddings of Lafayette; that may be one of them.

ToothPick Jim 
40 Cal.
Posts: 150
09-15-18 07:31 AM - Post#1702659    

    In response to GoodCheer

Thanks for the response.

Any chance that you have a picture showing the entire gun?


Old Ford 
58 Cal.
Posts: 2494
09-15-18 08:47 AM - Post#1702674    

    In response to ToothPick Jim

Hello ToothpicJim,
It looks like you have the makings for a very nice percussion fowler.
Although 32" could be considered to be too short, but for the modern day shooter, 32" should be great.
It is difficult to say whether it is a modern day manufacture or one of many years ago.
Looking at your pictures again, the cutting from the larger flat to finer octagon( 16 sided ) definitely seems to be done on a lathe, which would make it to be of modern day, also the wedding band also seems to be cut with a rotary motion which = a lathe cut, which = a lathe.
Look closely to see if there are any markings.
If you don't build something with it, send me a message, I would like to try.
Best regards!

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50 Cal.
Posts: 1278
09-15-18 12:20 PM - Post#1702710    

    In response to Old Ford

How about an English Percussion shotgun. Manton etc.

Posts: 6188
09-15-18 06:46 PM - Post#1702764    

    In response to ToothPick Jim

  • ToothPick Jim Said:
Thanks for the response.

Any chance that you have a picture showing the entire gun?


Sorry Jim. That's the best I got.
But I might be right by the museum come Monday.

50 Cal.
Posts: 1065
09-15-18 07:59 PM - Post#1702771    

    In response to ToothPick Jim

I'm not trying to start any trouble, but if it were me, I would re-breech it and make a fullstock flintlock. Just because it has a patent breech doesn't mean it has to remain that way. Otherwise, dripbar percussion halfstock.

Kansas Jake 
50 Cal.
Posts: 1471
09-16-18 03:11 PM - Post#1702862    

    In response to excess650

With barrel keys it could still be a full stock.

32 Cal.
Posts: 39
09-16-18 04:30 PM - Post#1702878    

    In response to Kansas Jake

Percussion Fowler!

ToothPick Jim 
40 Cal.
Posts: 150
09-16-18 11:25 PM - Post#1702927    

    In response to NorthFork

Here is a 32" fowler i found on the web that has a similar barrel.

70 Cal.
Posts: 4889
09-17-18 12:07 AM - Post#1702930    

    In response to ToothPick Jim

By 1850, gun makers realized that shotgun barrels had optimum lengths for shot patterns and that longer barrels were a waste of iron. So most shotgun barrels of the second half of the 19th century were shorter. A 32 inch was still a bit longer than most. Some made them longer into the ealy 1900's, but mostly Belgian muzzle loaders.

Although, I had a cartridge shotgun (Ivers Johnson) with a special 32 inch full choke barrel. We had a shotgun patterning day at the club. I patterned that gun and the pattern was much tighter at 25 yards than any one else's gun out of about 20 guys there. Before steel shot requirements, I could reach out and kill some geese that even the guide thought were out of range.

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