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09-14-18 10:25 AM - Post#1702545    

Gentlemen, there's a wonderful thread in the gunsmithing forum on this incredibly well-made flintlock kit. Kibler's Web site says the design elements should be correct for the 1760s and 1770s. My question is how "proper" would this gun be for possible use by a rifleman from the Mid-Atlantic colonies in the Revolutionary War? What, if anything, might be done to it to make it more historically accurate for this use?

Rich Pierce 
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09-14-18 12:24 PM - Post#1702571    

    In response to BillinOregon

Plenty proper. You don’t need to do anything. There was so much variation at each timeframe of longrifles in America that there is no single “look” that is “right”.

Still, all pre-Revolutionary War rifles should share common characteristics including a wide buttplate with little curvature, a swamped barrel substantial in the breech, a lock that fits the time period, and so on.

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09-14-18 12:43 PM - Post#1702575    

    In response to BillinOregon

Just received mine in the mail yesterday... Absolutely blown away with these true "kit guns".

Stock architecture is beautifully done, crisp, clean and the eye follows the stock lines as should.

Can't believe Jim sells these for what hes does... The quality is just phenomenal. Even the mountings being cast parts almost fit perfectly.
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09-14-18 08:37 PM - Post#1702624    

    In response to Crewdawg445

I have hinted around that I sure would like to have one of these. We will see if the "kids" come through at Christmas.... Lord knows I have bought enough cars and college sheepskins for them over the years...

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09-14-18 09:44 PM - Post#1702632    

    In response to Griz44Mag know they gonna get ya something you "need"

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09-14-18 10:07 PM - Post#1702635    

    In response to azmntman

  • azmntman Said: know they gonna get ya something you "need"

AARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Who is John Galt?


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09-15-18 04:26 AM - Post#1702651    

    In response to Griz44Mag

Tell them to order it now... The backlog keeps getting longer and longer... I placed a order for a SMR as well, which likely wont be done till December.

Jim has hit the nail on the head with these rifle kits and I would venture to make a safe assumption he only will be getting more business and backlogs will be getting longer.

I'm flabbergasted at the kit myself, it's a joy just to look at sitting in the shipping crate!
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09-15-18 05:52 PM - Post#1702751    

    In response to Crewdawg445

It took almost three months to the day before I got mine. I think that the holdup was for the .58 cal. round rifling barrel to be produced.

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09-15-18 06:14 PM - Post#1702755    

    In response to Crewdawg445

I'm likely gonna build another one after I get done with this Leman. But.....just quit saying how nice his kits are!!! I need just a little time to "jar my pennies!!"

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09-16-18 05:58 AM - Post#1702802    

    In response to stubshaft

Hold up on the SMR's is a new mold chmabers is producing for the lock. Shouldn't be much longer hopefully!
Listen, or your tounge will make you deaf.

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