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09-11-18 09:52 AM - Post#1702088    

The more I read about Roger's Rangers the more I find that Robert Rogers was always bested in battle by a Canadian ranger named Joseph Marin. I am reading a biography of John Stark, and it is one of the few books I have read that doesn't treat Rogers as a minor God. Marin's name is mentioned often, and he always seems to beat Rogers, handily. Can anyone direct me to where I may find some information on Marin? Information on the internet seems non-existent.

Loyalist Dave 
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Loyalist Dave
09-12-18 08:16 AM - Post#1702232    

    In response to jbg

Perhaps because his name was Joseph Marin de La Malgue ??

If you look under the full name you will find some interesting information on the man.


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09-12-18 10:56 AM - Post#1702262    

    In response to jbg

Good query. The Dictionary of Canadian Biography has a summation of Marin's career, (as well as Rogers').

Marin would appear to have shown ability and courage, both in dealing with disputes between the Sioux and Ojibwas, and fighting the British. He helped secure the allegiance of twenty-some tribes to the French.

Like many others (Rogers included), he lost what wealth he had accumulated, and died of fever on a colonization expedition to Madagascar.

BTW, the Canadian biography of Rogers is worth reading as well. A perspective that gives more insight into the man.

Like all good questions, yours leads to further knowledge. Thank you.


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09-12-18 06:50 PM - Post#1702309    

    In response to Grumpa

Thank you, gentlemen.

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09-14-18 12:21 PM - Post#1702569    

    In response to jbg

... looks like he didn’t always best Robt Rogers:

“At the beginning of August 1758 Marin encountered a detachment commanded by Robert Rogers in the woods near Lake Champlain. Marin gradually withdrew from the combat, blaming the lack of a complete victory on the Canadian militia, most of whom deserted.”

Link =
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10-03-18 12:39 PM - Post#1705409    

    In response to Flint62Smoothie

It's been a while but I seem to remember that most of Rogers engagements against Marin, both offensive and defensive, began from ambush... That gives a significant advantage to those with the initiative until (and if) the one on the bad end of the ambush can rally or bring up re-enforcements to their aid.

The point being that the winner or loser of such engagements often have little to do with the qualities of those in command, and far more to do with who had the initiative. Guerrilla warfare is a nasty business and often survival is victory in itself.

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10-13-18 10:54 AM - Post#1706780    

    In response to Flint62Smoothie

"blaming the lack of a complete victory on the Canadian militia, most of whom deserted."

Thanks for that link. You don't see much mention of local militia from that period. And may I add that a direct ancestor was an officer in the Quebec militia so I'm just as glad they ran and survived.


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