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09-10-18 03:17 PM - Post#1701953    

Hello All,

You guys (and gals) are all a huge help a few months ago when I needed help with info on a custom flintlock that I bought. I'm hoping to tap into your collective wealth of information again!

I recently purchased this .45 caliber targer rifle that I believe to be original to about 1860. The only markings on it are "D. BLOOM Ganges, Ohio" and four star designson the front of the barrel. I was told that this was possibly a union sniper rifle early in the civil war, before troops were issued any. I find this hard to believe due to the condition that its in, but I'm no historian. It has a single set trigger, with no markings on the lock. I bought it from a gentleman in Michigan, who purchased it from an estate sale in Colorado. I don't have many more details than that, but would love any help that you can provide. Please let me know if any different pictures would help.



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09-10-18 04:23 PM - Post#1701965    

    In response to MLake

Flickr says, when I click on your link,

"This is not the page your looking for.
It appears the album you seek doesn't exist".

Could you try to get a link that will work?

To post pictures I've stored on Flickr I open the picture, one at a time in another tab.

Going to that tab, the picture has a bent arrow in the lower right hand area.
Clicking on it opens several options to share the picture with others.

Selecting the BBCode option, I copy it.

When I return here I just "paste" the address in my topic.

One thing I do is to remove some of my name towards the end of the address just to minimize information about me on the web.

FLINTLOCK-PICKS by James, on Flickr

I haven't tried setting up a album and sharing it on the web yet so I can't help you with that.
Just Jim...

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09-10-18 04:33 PM - Post#1701967    

    In response to Zonie

According to Flickr: "Matthew Lake hasn't made any photos public yet." (or created an album)

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09-10-18 05:06 PM - Post#1701968    

    In response to Claude

Sorry about that, is this better?

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09-10-18 05:29 PM - Post#1701973    

    In response to MLake

I believe that I figured it out..

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09-10-18 05:44 PM - Post#1701977    

    In response to MLake

Still can't see it

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09-10-18 05:52 PM - Post#1701980    

    In response to MLake

Sorry about that, try this

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09-10-18 06:13 PM - Post#1701986    

    In response to MLake

Lovely piece, a swiss style sheutzen rifle for off hand use, hence the palm rest. I doubt it would have been used during your late dissagreement as a sniper rifle. You would use a paper patched bullet. Have a look in Ned Roberts The Caplock Muzzle Loading Rifle, that will give you all the information to set her back up and going.

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09-10-18 06:36 PM - Post#1701991    

    In response to Zonie

So which one of those Kiblers are you going to sell me Zonie?

Load 'em up - Light 'em up -Make some smoke - Bang some steel!

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09-11-18 12:00 AM - Post#1702035    

    In response to MLake

Please dump the checkerboard eyetest background in the future. Difficult, at least for me, to see.

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09-11-18 08:05 AM - Post#1702065    

    In response to MLake

I see a percussion schuetzen rifle as evidenced by the palm rest, buttplate, sights, and turned muzzle. Checking the twist might reveal whether it was rifled for ball or bullet.

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