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09-02-18 03:36 AM - Post#1700830    

I got there a little late, about 7:15 am. I loaded my rifle at the truck, listening all the while. Nothing. I was hunting from a pop up blind less than 100 yards from a powerline, this is one of my tried and true locations for both turkeys and deer. Mid to late in the season those single gobblers cruise this part of the property and across the powerline looking for a willing hen. 10 AM to well afternoon is when I call in most of my birds. I chose to use only one hen decoy and placed her about 30 yards away between me and the powerline. I chalked up the 2 box calls and 2 slates I usually carry but decided to start out with just 2 of them. A slate call that gives perfect purrs and clucks. And an old box call that has gotten sweeter with age, like a spruce top on a dreadnought guitar. Plus it carrys a long way down in the woods.
I started off with a few clucks just in case one was close, then made a series of long range yelps. Nothing. Every 15 minutes I repeated those loud calls. Nothing. So far I hadn't heard a bit of turkey talk.
I checked the time it was a little after 9 am. A few minutes later I made another series of long range yelps......... a gobble! Far off.
I waited a few minutes and repeated.... another gobble.... he answered me. Usually I'd shut up about this time but this one only moved when I called so every few minutes I'd call again, and that kept him coming. Finally he was right in front of me across the power line, then he shut up. I spent a few minutes getting set up to make a shot straight to my front then let out a yelp. GOBBLEGOBBLEGOBBLE! He really hammered it out but he wasn't to my front he was about 50 yards to my left, I could see him. I knew that I'd blown it.
Then he started sneaking and looking, sneaking and looking, then sneaking and strutting a little, all the way from left to right across my front never giving me a shot. Then he went out of sight and was quiet.
"That's it" I thought. "He's gone" But you never can tell about those birds so after a few minutes I made one cluck and he gobbled right back 50 yards to my right. Now he's moving slowly back to the decoy still too far. He goes into a strut....and doesn't come out of it but he's still walking in a zig zag back towards the decoy. I can see him good but there's too much brush. Then he comes out from behind a tree and he's close enough but still in a strut. I can see the head through the sights and move the front post back to the wing triggers are set.....I shoot but in the still morning air I can't see nothing but smoke. Then he's on the ground flapping, moving to the left, and he gets up and starts walking while limping on the right side. I thought he went behind a thick spot but he didn't, he only went about 10 yards. And he's got an 11 inch beard.
I built this rifle 15 years ago mainly as a turkey rifle. She has a Rice, B profile, 40 cal. barrel, LH Large Siler lock, Davis set triggers, iron furniture in an Issac Haines stock. The stock was stained dark but it has lightened up some from handling.

ny griz 
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09-02-18 10:28 AM - Post#1700849    

    In response to Darkhorse

Congrats nice bird and rifle. Griz

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09-09-18 04:56 PM - Post#1701817    

    In response to Darkhorse

Nice rifle and great bird! Thanks for sharing the memories!

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09-10-18 12:29 PM - Post#1701935    

    In response to Darkhorse

CONGRADS. = LOOKS like turkey & dressing, with all the trimmings, to me for certain sure.

yours, satx

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09-10-18 03:40 PM - Post#1701956    

    In response to satx78247

Great job!!!!

I wish we could use a ML rifle on turkeys in NH.

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09-10-18 06:03 PM - Post#1701982    

    In response to nhmoose

In Georgia any muzzleloading weapon is legal for Turkeys. So far, this law remains strong. But there is a vocal group who often speaks before thinking that wants to ban ML rifles, ground blinds and Decoys. Right now they haven't gotten a lot of support.
I hope they just go away.

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09-11-18 07:26 PM - Post#1702189    

    In response to Darkhorse

Only shotgun in Mo. for Turkey But I would like to use my .40 cal. if it was legal. Nice bird.

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09-13-18 08:44 AM - Post#1702360    

    In response to pappy237

We used to be able to hunt turkey with .22 mag and up. Now "shot gun shooting shot" only

NICE bird. Way to hang in there. Alot a guys would have given up way before but as you know there no way to predict a turkeys behavior!

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09-13-18 03:09 PM - Post#1702439    

    In response to azmntman

You are right, a lot of guy's would have given up. And those are the guys that don't make a good turkey hunter. If they stay with it they might just learn to stick it out.
In relating the story it sounds strange to be hunting with a rifle, and have a gobbler move from the far left to far right, visible most of the way, and never present a shot.
But if you look in the background of the photo with the bird lying across the log, you can see my hen decoy in the background. About 20 yards beyond the decoy the ground starts going downhill towards the powerline. The gobbler was walking left to right just far enough back that he was mostly on the sidehill. All I could see through the brush was his back.
When he started moving back left he followed the same path. But when he moved towards the decoy and came over the hill I could see the entire turkey moving through the trees and saplings. Now it was just a matter of keeping the muzzle pointed in the right direction and waiting until he cleared the brush.
Works everytime. Because I am the one controlling the setup, not the gobbler.

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