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09-14-18 08:25 PM - Post#1702621    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

  • Colorado Clyde Said:
They might have needed the extra wall height or just snow and rain protection.

My 1st thought was protection against rain & mud seeping into the tent!
All my MZLs will shoot into a ragged ~1/2" hole ALL DAY LONG... it's just the 2nd & 3rd shots that open the group!

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09-15-18 07:37 PM - Post#1702768    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

They appear to be Sibley tents that have been "stockaded" as described by Billings in his book Hardtack and Coffee.

I believe the main purpose was to increase the standing space inside.

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09-15-18 10:55 PM - Post#1702790    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

Why did you offer images of a "Sibley" in a topic about Rendezvous tents?
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Colorado Clyde 
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Colorado Clyde
09-15-18 11:48 PM - Post#1702794    

    In response to necchi

  • necchi Said:
Why did you offer images of a "Sibley" in a topic about Rendezvous tents?

Well Inspector.....If you go back and read through all the posts you'll figure it out.

Then again, You might not...

Anything else you want to criticize ?

Why don't you PM me....I'd love to chat.

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09-16-18 11:43 AM - Post#1702838    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

I would say I’ve seen more then one sibley at a rendezvous, even though unlike many of the tent shapes that inspire discussion its demostrively post 1840.

Colorado Clyde 
Posts: 15075
Colorado Clyde
09-16-18 01:48 PM - Post#1702853    

    In response to tenngun

Indeed most Rendezvous include a timeframe that rages from the F&I war to the Civil War....

Even more importantly than that, The answer to Nechhi's question is right there in plain sight...I posted it right along with the picture....Why I posted it. Further reading of previous posts will give even more context....

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09-17-18 09:09 AM - Post#1702956    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

Clyde, regarding that cook stove in the Sibley photo, it looks like they paid attention to the ratio of burn chamber to smokestack height to get most efficient draw.

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