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32 Cal.
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08-07-18 07:44 PM - Post#1696606    

I have an old rifle that was family owned 4-5 or more generations back. It was told it was my great great grandpa's squirl rifle. It is a 32 cal I think. Not in very good shape and has not been shot in my life time. I took it to a guy that works on them a little, not muck. He said it was made in Pennsylvania. Not a long stock type. Looks more like a Hawken type but not a Hawken. He said only worth about $350 or so.

My question is; is it worth trying to get it shooting? Barrel rusted inside but action is working. Stock not in good shape but could be worse.

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08-07-18 10:35 PM - Post#1696626    

    In response to kbbgood

It’s your family gun, so what you do with it can’t be judged by any one else.
If the barrel is rusted on the inside it could have deep pits that could bust a barrel apart if shot. In small caliber that’s unlikely to be overly dangerous to the shooter, but it could cost the family it’s gun.
The old stock might be cleaned and even refinished, that would hurt the sale value of the gun but would blow new life in to the heirloom.
To me guns are made to be used and cared for. If it was mine I would do what I could to restore it to function, including refinish work, but at that point monetary value is lost. I would get the barrel xrayed clean the bore and give it a shot if it’s safe. Shoot it a bit and even take it after game, but treat it with the kindness of an old dog.
If the barrel is not safe I would do what I could to halt any further loss, do no more then a good cleaning and oiling. Then preserve it for future.
Many guns from the Hawken period were made in that half stock style, many used ‘English’ style furniture. By the 1830s that general style was very popular and would remain so till suppository guns became popular.

Native Arizonan 
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08-07-18 11:42 PM - Post#1696639    

    In response to tenngun

If it was mine, from my family, I wouldn't shoot it. I would clean and oil it well to keep the rust from spreading, but not use any abrasives, steel wool, or wire brushes. You definitely don't want to remove any of the patina from the exposed metal on the gun. You can also put some raw linseed oil on the stock sparingly, to keep the wood from drying out. Don't put any boiled linseed or tru-oil on it; that would make it look like somebody refinished it with shellac, a big no-no.

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08-08-18 01:02 AM - Post#1696648    

    In response to kbbgood

  • kbbgood Said:
My question is; is it worth trying to get it shooting?

Unless you have the money to invest in at least a reasonable restoration to get it in shooting condition, (fresh it out, stabilize the wood, polish the lock/trigger).
And more importantly,, have someone in the family worthy of accepting the rifle as restored and shootable.
At your age is there kids, grand kids, nieces/nephews that are at least interested in ML or that rifle?
Molon Labe~

Phil Coffins 
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Phil Coffins
08-08-18 02:24 PM - Post#1696753    

    In response to kbbgood

Pictures would be appreciated and could get better responses. You should not try to bring it back to shooting order your self. Although you may be very handy an old rifle needs the attention of people that do this special work to preserve the rifle and perhaps make it a shooter again. A lot of people have done the right things to keep it in the family for this long, you can be the next link.

Redstick Lee 
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Redstick Lee
08-13-18 04:40 AM - Post#1697487    

    In response to Phil Coffins

you said it's not in great shape........if the bore isn't wrecked with pitting , load it lightly and have a ball!!
that's what they were made for.
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08-13-18 05:04 PM - Post#1697595    

    In response to Redstick Lee

I'm not sure I could even seat a ball down the bore.

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08-13-18 07:30 PM - Post#1697612    

    In response to kbbgood

Can you run a patch down it, fairly tight on a jag?

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09-01-18 02:05 PM - Post#1700757    

    In response to kbbgood

Send it to Bobby Hoyt for a rebore/reline. It normally does not affect the appearance of the exterior and is relatively inexpensive.

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