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08-19-18 02:02 PM - Post#1698593    

    In response to Scota4570

From what I read , your best bet is to track down a used Parker Hale, if only one of the Italian made with Birmingham barrel models because only these have the progressive twist rifling and are made of top quality steel.

Some of the Italian repops are made with extrusion and none have the progressive rifling.

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08-19-18 02:28 PM - Post#1698604    

    In response to Scota4570

As the man who helped the Pattern Room curator, the late and much-missed Herb Woodend, unpack the crate and check the contents of the ORIGINAL Enfield Small Arms factory gauges, patterns and fittings when they were [eventually] returned from their long sojourn with Roger Hale of Parker-Hale, I'm in the now unique position of letting you know that every single component piece of the original Parker-Hale rifles and carbine were an exact match with the sealed patterns.

What has happened to the production meanwhile is something I cannot truthfully comment on, except to note that nothing out there compares with a Parker-Hale version, except an Enfield-made original.

But heck, you know what they say about opinions? I'm sure that anything that DP makes at the upper end is going to be nice, and pal Roger sure has some nice toys, but I'm about to drop the hammer on a very early P-H two-band naval rifle, and, like the man has said, it's the best of the best.


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08-19-18 03:23 PM - Post#1698619    

    In response to tac

Also there are only so many original Parker Hale Enfields and no more will be made , actually the prices are a bargain , I've seen unfired P-H 3-Bands in the box go for about $1,000. Pedersoli makes the best out of the Italians and all the serious Buffalo Match shooters at my range use Pedersoli Sharps or low-walls, or original rifles so they are plenty good for shooting.

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08-19-18 06:27 PM - Post#1698656    

    In response to Scota4570

I have been shooting a PH Navy rifle since about 1974, a mate gave me his PH Navy rifle and his first generation Volunteer .451 just before he died.
I have also an original 3rd model Pat 53 rifle and a mates original two band volunteer rifle with 1 in 78 twist. The two original rifles are slightly slimmer in the but and wrist, they are just that little bit more comfortable to shoot than the Parker Hales, either offhand or off the bench.
Parts are certainly interchangable with originals. Nice that Tac was able to confirm what I was told all those years ago about PH using the original gauges.
My other comment is that its a pity that the Parker Hale reproductions were not hand set up like the originals, it would have negated the need to bed the barrels to get consistent accuracy. All my Parker Hales have their barrels bedded and are ver consistent accurate rifles. If you can get hold of a Parker Hale Navy Rifle do it !

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08-19-18 07:19 PM - Post#1698659    

    In response to tac

Have to agree with tac here , given the choice , I would opt for a Parker Hale .
Part of the attraction of shooting these reproduction guns [ for me at least ] is the challenge of shooting something as close as possible to the originals . Parker Hale repros fit the bill in this case .
Now choice may be limited on this side of the pond , but they do come up from time to time , if you can't wait then Pedersoli will be just fine .
But what they do miss is the progressive rifling and therefore they are not a true copy of the original . So they lack something .
And that , to me , is the whole point .I want a true copy and not an approximation .

David Minshall 
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David Minshall
08-20-18 02:43 PM - Post#1698811    

    In response to Stantheman

  • Stantheman Said:
...made with Birmingham barrel models because only these have the progressive twist rifling and are made of top quality steel.

At the risk of sounding pedantic, the rifling was actually progressive depth (the rifling gets shallower towards the muzzle). The twist was uniform, 1 in 78 for the P.53 and 1 in 48 for the P.58.


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