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Login Name Post: Need Help Identifying Long Rifle        (Topic#307832)
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07-12-18 06:49 AM - Post#1693384    

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I have this long rifle with barrel that measures 51 1/2" from end of barrel to percussion cap end. I cannot find anything in my Google searches based on the letters I can read on the side plate. I'm hoping someone here may recognize what it is. Thanks. I can't figure out why it won't let me copy & paste photos here so here is a link to a photo album of it.

Eric Krewson 
54 Cal.
Posts: 1760
Eric Krewson
07-12-18 07:39 AM - Post#1693388    

    In response to JimBonesMA

I don't know, is it a smooth bore? Long barrel for a halfstock, it was obviously a flintlock at one time.

Rich Pierce 
70 Cal.
Posts: 4238
07-12-18 12:48 PM - Post#1693447    

    In response to Eric Krewson

Probably New England, after 1810, smoothbore. Unless I see rifling and or a small bore it was never a rifle. It’s a fowling piece.

58 Cal.
Posts: 2245
07-13-18 06:32 PM - Post#1693574    

    In response to Rich Pierce

Lock is a conversion from Flintlock.

No barrel pic so can't tell anything there but length sounds like a fowler not a rifle especially from the area in NE you are listing from.

50 Cal.
Posts: 1102
07-16-18 06:50 PM - Post#1693831    

    In response to JimBonesMA

I see a round barrel, rounded toe, and fowler guard, so suggests fowler to me from what I can see.

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