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Login Name Post: want percussion rifle        (Topic#307781)
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07-04-18 11:18 AM - Post#1692526    

I've looked on a bunch of places for builders and all I've seen are flintlocks. I don't want a flintlock. Anyone know of a builder that makes percussion guns and is available to call or email? I would like something beside factory guns.

45 Cal.
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07-04-18 11:34 AM - Post#1692530    

    In response to mushka

Tennessee Valley Muzzleloaders offer several of their rifles in percussion. Should be worth a look.


rj morrison 
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rj  morrison
07-04-18 11:51 AM - Post#1692538    

    In response to mushka

check with October country

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07-04-18 02:40 PM - Post#1692573    

    In response to rj morrison

Sitting fox muzzle loader, please note I’m not endorsing them as I’ve never done business with them and have heard good and bad things about them. They do offer gun kits, unfinished and finished guns. And have some pemade in hand now.
Track of the wolf sells guns and offers percussion guns. They have them on consignment or they got them in trade.

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07-04-18 06:32 PM - Post#1692594    

    In response to tenngun

Call tip curtis. He probably makes 80% flinters, but did see percussion rifles at friendship.

May have what you are looking for built awaiting a buyer..

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07-04-18 09:20 PM - Post#1692602    

    In response to mushka

Talk to the Gunworks in Springfield Oregon. Most of their Custom guns are available in flint or percussion.

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07-04-18 09:56 PM - Post#1692605    

    In response to mushka

  • mushka Said:
I've looked on a bunch of places for builders and all I've seen are flintlocks.,,
Anyone know of a builder that makes percussion guns,,

Sure, every "builder" you saw that makes flintlocks,, will build you a percussion model.
Honest. You just gotta ask.
They just advertise the flint's more because they demonstrate a bit higher skill level.
Molon Labe~

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07-05-18 05:05 PM - Post#1692677    

    In response to necchi

Many of the flint lock style guns are converted style guns. This style would continue to be used up through the 1930s in Appalachian guns. Often the guns designed as percussion are rarer on custom sights. And are often Hawkins or British hunting rifles. So custom sites don’t show them as much, but oft are happy to build them.

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