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Login Name Post: Hawk Handle Problems        (Topic#307761)
40 Cal.
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07-16-18 02:29 AM - Post#1693754    

    In response to Rifleman1776

Reminds me of some of the good old folks I've met...a scowl that just barely covers a grin. The true value in all of this is the people we meet along the way, isn't it?

58 Cal.
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08-01-18 12:42 PM - Post#1695723    

    In response to Louisk

I remember meeting him briefly while at Friendship back about the mid 1970's.


Sean Gadhar 
69 Cal.
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Sean Gadhar
08-27-18 08:54 PM - Post#1700061    

    In response to ricky

Stop reminding me I'm a packrat!

All this talk of handles I helped a guy haul off a bunch of wild plum he cut down & saved a few straight limbs that I was going to try making hawk handles from, that was 3-4 years ago, I set them in the rafters of my garden shed as they were cut live. . . . I think 3 years in the hot shed should have dried them out
The sheep of this world will always hate the sheepdogs, until the wolves are nipping at their heels.

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08-28-18 10:05 AM - Post#1700139    

    In response to Sean Gadhar

  • Quote:
wild plum

Interesting. Never encountered wild plum being used for any kind of wood working project. What are it's characteristics regarding strength and flexibility? And, do show us yer new hawk handle when ye make it.

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