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06-15-18 01:25 PM - Post#1689826    

    In response to Deputy Dog

  • Deputy Dog Said:
I forgot about the corn field raiders, and they eat mushrooms in the Spring.

Yes, I've seen them eating algae and fungi off the bark of trees. I keep a water dish out for them at home, it gets a growth of black algae in it, and they scrape it off with their teeth and eat it. They will also eat the bark of some trees.


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06-15-18 02:22 PM - Post#1689831    

    In response to Spence10

Hey Spence, I know that you wrote that the Spring season is nearly passed. I thought of you today after listening to this weekend's forecast. Supposed to feel like a hundred and ninety or so , probably the same for you.

Be careful if you go out hunting them in that heat, you're liable to twist an ankle from the squacks piled up on the ground from heat exhaustion!

Best regards, Skychief.

No Deer 
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06-16-18 09:06 AM - Post#1689905    

    In response to Spence10

When I first saw the title to this thread, I thought maybe you shot at a squirrel and missed him, really upsetting him!

Posts: 6995
06-16-18 09:35 AM - Post#1689908    

    In response to No Deer

  • No Deer Said:
When I first saw the title to this thread, I thought maybe you shot at a squirrel and missed him....

Missed a squirrel? Now, there's a concept that's hard to get my head around.


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06-18-18 08:20 AM - Post#1690185    

    In response to Spence10

In my youth I had a German Shepherd, Sarge, that was a great squirrel hunter. The few times I missed the dog would give the most hilarious looks He had a personality all right.

Once my Mom shot one and his look said exactly "OMG I didnt know she could shoot!"

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06-28-18 01:04 AM - Post#1691692    

    In response to Spence10

Enjoyed reading about your hunt! Thanks for sharing!

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