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Login Name Post: Powder Flask Repair        (Topic#307613)
45 Cal.
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06-10-18 06:22 PM - Post#1689207    

I came into possession of a copper Remington pistol flask that has a long separation along the seam. It was originally soldered, but I'm not sure I can solder it back. I thought I may use Quick-steel to repair it. My question is would the chemicals in the quick steel adversely affect the black powder? I only use the real thing, and will not put Pyrodex or other junk in my flask. Thanks for your advice, George.

Black Hand 
Posts: 7154
06-10-18 06:37 PM - Post#1689209    

    In response to treestalker

  • treestalker Said:
...I'm not sure I can solder it back...

Take it to someone who can.

45 Cal.
Posts: 939
06-10-18 08:00 PM - Post#1689215    

    In response to treestalker

I repaired mine by soldering as much as I could and then finishing with an old formula epoxy paste. Been using it for ten years since, and it has worked fine.

Posts: 12271
06-10-18 08:22 PM - Post#1689219    

    In response to treestalker

  • treestalker Said:
My question is would the chemicals in the quick steel adversely affect the black powder?

Molon Labe~

45 Cal.
Posts: 698
06-11-18 04:36 AM - Post#1689250    

    In response to necchi

Thanks for the input guys. George.

62 Cal.
Posts: 2704
06-11-18 10:06 AM - Post#1689286    

    In response to treestalker

wrap it with leather

32 Cal.
Posts: 47
06-13-18 02:29 PM - Post#1689573    

    In response to rubincam

I had the same problem for a while. Tried to solder it without success. Finally I just cut a small thin piece out of a white T shirt and super glued it over the split area. Looks funny but I don't care about that, just about it's effectiveness. Worked like a champ, fast, easy.

Deputy Dog 
50 Cal.
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Deputy Dog
06-13-18 03:24 PM - Post#1689578    

    In response to treestalker

If you are not comfortable with or capable of soldering it, try JB Weld. I fixed a frozen well pump with it and it has been working for 30 years.

32 Cal.
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06-13-18 05:57 PM - Post#1689594    

    In response to Deputy Dog

Back when I had an 80 cj5 the body of the thermostat lower housing was eaten through, I filed all the edges of the eaten part to smoothness, almost a third of the upper part of the body, and used jb weld and formed it as original. I drove that jeep for five years more with that repaired part before selling it. The lower housing was impossible to find anywhere, had to fix it or do without. JB weld is some good stuff.

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06-13-18 08:22 PM - Post#1689614    

    In response to mushka

Personally, I would go with silver-solder and use a bit of baking soda paste as flux.
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ohio ramrod 
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06-15-18 07:01 AM - Post#1689780    

    In response to treestalker

I had a flask ( thirty plus years old ) split several years back at an eastern week long rendezvous so I got some tape from the medic, wrapped the flask with the tape, and sewed a piece of light leather over it. I have been using the flask since then (six years ) with no problems.

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