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40 Cal.
Posts: 326
06-13-18 09:29 AM - Post#1689540    

    In response to Sean Gadhar

  • Sean Gadhar Said:
Well I kind of had it coming as I got all four tags last year so ZERO points this year.

If I don't find something in the leftover and returned tag wars, I really will be happy to sharpen my rifle skills on bunnies and such.

I would hate to buy another gun but I'm thinking a nice .36 cal flintlock would be just the ticket to help me sharpen my flintlock off hand shooting skills.

Not a bad idea...

40 Cal.
Posts: 326
06-13-18 09:31 AM - Post#1689541    

    In response to CO Elkeater

  • CO Elkeater Said:
  • dsayer Said:
  • CO Elkeater Said:
I also drew a ML doe deer tag with second choice; and my 11th preference point for deer. Plains tag, long rifle time.

11 PPs?! I don't have that kind of patience...

No patience required when you draw with the 2nd, 3rd..... choice while accumulating pts..
With about 14 pts I'll be in the big buck unit.

Oh right... I forgot you still accumulate points if you get later choices.

I've always just applied for units that don't typically require any points.

36 Cal.
Posts: 88
06-13-18 07:54 PM - Post#1689612    

    In response to dsayer

I had 8 points for Colorado and did not get drawn. Now it's plan B, I will hunt my home State of Iowa. I will buy a early season muzzle loader any sex tag plus two or three Doe tags as I like deer meat.
Have a good hunt in Colorado, and enjoy the Mountains.

CO Elkeater 
45 Cal.
Posts: 667
CO Elkeater
06-14-18 11:35 AM - Post#1689696    

    In response to dsayer

  • dsayer Said:

I've always just applied for units that don't typically require any points.

If a hunt I want can be gotten with 0 pts it most likely can be gotten with 2nd choice. So my 1st choice is for pref pts.

70 Cal.
Posts: 4549
06-15-18 10:15 PM - Post#1689881    

    In response to CO Elkeater

I use the same strategy. Last three years I got the second choices I wanted and picked up points. This year I got the elk tag on second choice but not the deer. Just put in my leftover draw app for the deer but there are only 27 of what I want.

The list for the leftover draw for deer and elk were very very sparse. If the leftover list for sales in August follow suit it's going to be slim.

It's a whole new game with the $3 app fee being the only requirement.

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