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05-14-18 12:49 PM - Post#1684656    

I'm sorry about no pictures. No magic phone or camera easy to take pictures.

Took the new 45 cal rifle out Sunday morning and shot it at 25 yards. The first two were almost in the same hole. The third was about a half inch to the right, where I had pulled it. All three about four inches low and an inch and a half left of center. I ended up with the sight picture of having the rear sight notch right at the base of the front sight and centered to hit the target at the point of aim. Top of the front sight. I shot two more shots at 103 yards at a metal plate and hit the plate on the left side about the middle. A little sight adjustment is in order but the rifle shoots well.

No problems with misfires. I spit patched in between every shot. 56 grns of GOEX triple X behind a lightly lubed patch and round ball using TOTW mink oil as the lube. Luckily I don't seem to have to change anything or look for a different combo of materials. This is going to be a really fun gun to shoot. All the other BP guns are a lot shorter so it took a little getting used to having to stand really tall all the time to load it. Now all I have to do is get it zero'd for windage. I can live with holding the front sight up.

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05-14-18 02:08 PM - Post#1684669    

    In response to mushka

After 100 or so shots and having found your best load you can file (slowly and testing all the while) the front site and get it dialed in to Exact POA/POI, FUN

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05-14-18 05:32 PM - Post#1684694    

    In response to mushka

Pretty good first report. Though must admit I'm not a fan of the no pictures deal...

Gotta find someone to snap a pic for you or something!

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05-15-18 09:30 PM - Post#1684881    

    In response to mushka

Why not just adjust the sights to a good zero?

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05-16-18 09:54 AM - Post#1684940    

    In response to smoothshooter

I will probably take a file to the front sight next time out with the rifle. I've done it before but I've never liked filing a sight. Sometimes it's the only answer though.

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05-16-18 12:37 PM - Post#1684961    

    In response to mushka

I would shoot hundred or so rounds through it before I filed AFTER the best load developed. But that's just me

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05-16-18 12:44 PM - Post#1684964    

    In response to azmntman

I agree.

A lot of people have the idea that they must get the gun shooting to the point of aim before they work up the best, most accurate loads for their guns.

Of course, it isn't necessary for the group to be hitting the point of aim if one is developing their best powder/patch/ball load combination.

So, it's hitting 4 inches low and 2 inches to the right? So what?

If the group size is 3 inches at 25 yards, it's time to find out what is needed to get the group size down to a 1 inch group or smaller.

Once that is done, then is the time to start adjusting the sights.
Just Jim...

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05-16-18 09:35 PM - Post#1685017    

    In response to Zonie

this is great advice!!

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