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Loyalist Dave 
Posts: 6772
Loyalist Dave
05-11-18 08:16 AM - Post#1684094    

I picked up Volume 3 of They Gave The Scalp Halloo, which is (now) a four volume set of period references to Eastern Woodland First Nations cultures. Under the topics listed in each volume's contents pages, you find one or more period references on that topic, plus the location from where the author gathered the quoted source.

For folks looking for sources related to contact with Eastern Woodland culture(s) you might want to contact the author via Facebook about getting one or more volumes from the set.

I posted this under F&I although the references are not limited to that time frame...


58 Cal.
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05-11-18 03:27 PM - Post#1684165    

    In response to Loyalist Dave

I do not do face book and will not do it. Looked on Amazon nothing. If just FB sorry to bad so sad.

Loyalist Dave 
Posts: 6772
Loyalist Dave
05-12-18 08:08 AM - Post#1684257    

    In response to nhmoose

Well you might have somebody that does do Facebook to send the guy a message with your email asking for him to contact you.....


58 Cal.
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05-12-18 05:49 PM - Post#1684361    

    In response to nhmoose

I'm going to go with Mr. Moose on this one.

A researcher complaining that first hand documentation is not readily available, who then gathers such information, and then only shares it's availability on one source, has committed a dis-service.

I found one review of volume 2, and it was far from glowing, suggesting that editing and even proofreading were lacking.

Loyalist Dave 
Posts: 6772
Loyalist Dave
05-14-18 06:03 AM - Post#1684620    

    In response to trent/OH

Not trying to sell the guy's notebooks, but first, the author explains that the quotes appear in some cases many times because some quotes cover more than one topic. So if the author of the quote mentioned moccasins and breechclouts in the same quote, you will find it referenced both under moccasins and under breechclouts.

The author also used the quotes, extant. So if an author of a quote wrote "mockersons" instead of "moccasins", the guy who compiled the quotes left the original misspelling, and it wasn't a "typo".

For those squeamish about Facebook, you can find the books here..., and you will find the solo "review"..., if you can call it that.

They Gave the Scalp Halloo


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