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Lead Slinger 
40 Cal.
Posts: 436
04-11-18 08:25 PM - Post#1679156    

The local Wal-Mart has the CCI four wing musket caps on clearance for $2.00 for a hundred. I have a GPR that I can send to TOW for a proper Nipple to use. Would using these be safe and not hurt the accuracy of the Lyman ??

Posts: 12502
04-11-18 09:34 PM - Post#1679163    

    In response to Lead Slinger

Sure they'll be safe and won't hurt anything.
Won't help anything either.
Molon Labe~

75 Cal.
Posts: 5790
04-11-18 10:21 PM - Post#1679174    

    In response to necchi

Id snag em up at that price. If yer not too late

Old Ford 
62 Cal.
Posts: 2514
04-12-18 08:04 AM - Post#1679202    

    In response to Lead Slinger

Take'em all, and trade for something you want.
They retail for almost $10.00 per hundred.
Most common price is $7-$8
Good find!

45 Cal.
Posts: 724
04-12-18 03:57 PM - Post#1679267    

    In response to Lead Slinger

Depending on your hammer alignment they may or may not work being larger. I would say buy all you can and now you have an excuse to buy a rifle musket.

75 Cal.
Posts: 5790
04-12-18 04:43 PM - Post#1679275    

    In response to Trot

VERY good advise. I'm somewhat of an opportunist. Once I was at J&G gun sales and noted they were having a BP clearance as they no longer wished to deal in BP. Low ....Horanady Great Plains .45 at 20 for $2.00? Bought all eleven boxes. Problem was I didn't have a .45 I now have a .45

36 Cal.
Posts: 71
04-13-18 05:56 AM - Post#1679354    

    In response to azmntman

The old "Honey, I had to buy the $400+ gun to realize the $200 savings on the bullets."
The sun comes up and the sun goes down and that's just the way it is.

Posts: 14800
04-13-18 08:43 AM - Post#1679372    

    In response to Lead Slinger

Bigger is not necessarily better. You don't need them. Regular caps are just fine, that is why they have been the standard since day one. IMHO, you will just waste money switching to musket caps. And, you might need to modify or change the hammer on your rifle to use them.

40 Cal.
Posts: 385
04-13-18 09:49 AM - Post#1679387    

    In response to Lead Slinger

I used musket caps on my 3-band .58-cal. Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle musket for more than 30 years and they never failed to work, but I don't use them on my .50-cal. GPR or Renegade. The No. 11s have never failed me yet in 40 years. Musket caps on a rifle made for No. 11 caps is overkill, but that's just me. As long as my rifles are cleaned properly and lubed, they have always fired 100% of the time with No. 11s. Decent musket caps have gotten hard to find, other than reenactor caps. I still have one tin of German musket caps left I'm hoarding for my Enfield, and I just use it for living history demonstrations these days. Still, you got a great bargain on those caps.
Interestingly, I did the reverse: I bought a TOW nipple that fits my Enfield but uses No. 11 caps, and it works fine with them. I can find No. 11 caps all day cheap at Walmart or Academy.
Your obedient servant, Sgt. Maj.

45 Cal.
Posts: 661
04-16-18 02:42 PM - Post#1679968    

    In response to SgtMaj

CCI "Re-enactor" caps are junk. They have a tiny unreliable charge. So, if they say that on the tin don't buy.

IF they are the regular ones, buy them.

I prefer real musket caps over #11s. They are more sure fire and easier to handle. RWS musket caps are always good.

Edited by Scota4570 on 04-16-18 02:48 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

Posts: 7848
04-16-18 03:27 PM - Post#1679976    

    In response to Scota4570

Absolutely agree that RWS musket caps made by Dynamit Nobel are the absolute best.

I think the use of Musket Cap nipples on sporting rifles came about when it was sometimes hard to find good No.11 caps in the 70's/early 80's. Back then, CCI No.11 caps were pure junk, so I'm pleased to see they have improved.

RWS No.11 caps have always been my first choice for sporting rifles and revolvers as well, but I'm not sure if they are available much anymore? I used to get them at NSSA Spring and Fall National Championship shoots for many years.


Col. Batguano 
69 Cal.
Posts: 3145
04-19-18 12:44 PM - Post#1680553    

    In response to Lead Slinger

You will get an increased volume of discharge gas from them, so your reliability may go up, as well as shortened lock speed / barrel dwell time. It would be an interesting science experiment for Pletch to do to see if he has any emperical data on it.

40 Cal.
Posts: 124
04-20-18 06:41 PM - Post#1680748    

    In response to Col. Batguano

I bought 400 of the reenactor caps before I had a rifle for them. Now have an Enfield and a Mississippi, and the caps work for me. Just lucky, I guess...

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