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Login Name Post: Rebuilding a Mendi Wheellock        (Topic#307098)
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06-16-18 08:11 PM - Post#1689982    

    In response to dd832

Took a break for a few days on the wheellock.

I clamped the dog spring in a vise & heated & made a 90 degree bend using the acetylene torch.

Then I made a little aluminum jig to help bend the dog spring the rest of the way when heating:

The spring tab is inlet into the edge of the jig & tapped for a screw:

Slotting the wheellock plate for the tab:

Checking the location of the tab:

Dog spring mounted:

Next we have to drill & tap for a 8-32 screw (make a screw too), make a brace between the spring & the dog screw, fit the brace and trim the spring & polish & harden the spring, and trim the dog legs to work with the spring. Sounds like too much work.

Later, Mike

40 Cal.
Posts: 177
06-19-18 07:24 PM - Post#1690427    

    In response to dd832

Photo of the dog bridle fitted & the dog feet trimmed somewhat against the spring:

Another photo of the dog in firing position with the pan cover just sitting in place:

I should be able to trim the front portion of the lockplate tomorrow. I still have to make a spring for the pan cover yet, so I won't trim the rear portion of the plate so that I can still clamp the plate in the vise.


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