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Login Name Post: For Further Reading Series the South and West 1781-1836        (Topic#307082)
62 Cal.
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04-05-18 12:41 PM - Post#1678277    

Due to recent mainstream productions I feel the need to present a series here for those interested in further reading.

I feel that there has been some activist history presented where half truths and dramatization have been used to present an agenda as fact rather than a balanced accurate history.

Nothing is really wrong with an agenda as long as the agenda driven historian is willing to concede to proven fact. When that agenda trumps fact, when history is used as a mere promotion tool, that is when history becomes sensational fiction.

Different points of view have and always will be important. These views stimulate the historian to research further. First and foremost the role a historian should be a "truth seeker".

In that vein I plan to present the following...


I will try provide references if I do not have references, I will at least provide a name so that you the reader can research for your own and make your own conclusions.

As this is a forum and more specifically the media forum I encourage anyone to add, argue, and just join in this discussion.

1781-1800 is coming soon!

Irish Mick 
40 Cal.
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04-06-18 01:35 PM - Post#1678439    

    In response to 54ball

-54 Ball,
Why do you use the date 1836 as a cut off Westward expansion didn't really start until the conclusion of the Mexican War. That's when thing really got moving.

-Irish Mick
Arizona Territory

Irish Mick 
40 Cal.
Posts: 109
04-06-18 01:40 PM - Post#1678440    

    In response to Irish Mick

Actually the Mexican War and Manifest Destiny in 1846 was the most exciting time in this nations pre Civil War history. Are you leaving westward expansion out of the mix

Arizona Territory

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04-07-18 02:49 PM - Post#1678586    

    In response to 54ball

I can think of several works that fit your outline. I should point out that when I start reading too much of revisionist history I put the book down.
Not the best idea as it denies me some points of view. However I find it best not to raise my blood pressure to high.

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04-15-18 01:17 PM - Post#1679785    

    In response to 54ball

A good idea, 54ball. I'm looking forward to your presentation.


Native Arizonan 
50 Cal.
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04-20-18 03:51 PM - Post#1680731    

    In response to Spence10

I am anxiously awaiting the first installment.

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