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Black Hand 
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Black Hand
04-16-18 05:39 PM - Post#1679990    

    In response to Golfswithwolves

No offense taken.

However, what you say addresses an entirely different aspect of this hobby. The utility/functionality of a particular item is secondary to whether a particular item actually existed/was used in a particular time/place by a particular person. If one wishes to experience a historical situation, one must do what was actually done with what was actually used. This means NO Goretex socks, modern long-johns, rubber boots, waterproof footwear or any number of modern items that I see in common use by a portion of the community.

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04-16-18 06:05 PM - Post#1679995    

    In response to Black Hand

There is a problem with ‘experimental archeology’ in that we have our modren ideas and that shades our use. When we go out in to the woods with such and such item and then try to use it under similar conditions we get an idea of what the old boys did. However some of our usage is dictated by how it would be used today.
Japanese saws cut on the back stroke. Ours cuts on the down. Should we be in a future time trying to figure out how a hand saw was used we may come up with some markedly wrong ideas... or not.
All sorts of factors could go in to useing a fur hat that we may not think of today.
So the fact that fur hats might be practical might be the lowest factor to consider.

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