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03-13-18 09:20 PM - Post#1674171    

Tusco Emelian snapping tinderlock, C 1525.

This is one I rough copied from one owned by a friend, now sadly passed.
at present, it has two wood -screws that are bought ones, the rest is homemade.

The barrel was hydraulic pipe. Used lathe to cut down the centre, then used a file and "draw knife" made from a reaper file to put flats on both ends.
Just eye-balled the flats, as things were not precise at that time in history. The filings are what come off the "draw knife"
Original barrel was about 24 " and this is the same. after some fine boring, the barrel takes a .60 cal as a roll down fit.
Will add more in another post.

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40 Cal.
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03-13-18 09:42 PM - Post#1674174    

    In response to RJDH

If it's Ok with the mods, I could attach a link to the original.

It is one of the quaintest little animals I've ever seen, and fell for it straight away. It was owned (original) by a good pal in Bavaria, Michael Tromner, who very sadly passed before his time.
Few more pictures.
Stock blank. Ancient and heavy wood, and not sure What it is! Beautiful to work with and polishes right off the chisel or draw-knife.
It is Not a shoulder stock Nor a cheek stock. Cheek stocks came in a little later than this one.
I did a lot of messing to get the measurements figured out, as I had nothing to go off for such a strange beast.
Ramrod channel was a bit different, as it had to be drilled with no real guide, like we can ona longrifle. Still, it worked out for some reason!

Lock when I get back to more photos.

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03-13-18 10:24 PM - Post#1674177    

    In response to RJDH

Pukka Bundook

Why doesn't your screen name show up here as Pukka Bundook as it does on other forums?

To your snapping matchlock - simply amazeballs!

If you can believe it, I actually have a non-firing Victorian-era 'copy' of the arm that your late departed friend Michael owned, that looks incredibly similar if not identical, to this build! I have exchanged photos with your online friend Ricky from StLouis and we are not sure if the barrel of mine is real or not. But the basic overall design, and chest positioning for shooting looks IDENTICAL to what you just posted.

That wood looks awesome and nice metal work on the lock. What is the wood?

I look forward to more!
All my MZLs will shoot into a ragged ~1/2" hole ALL DAY LONG... it's just the 2nd & 3rd shots that open the group!

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03-13-18 11:03 PM - Post#1674180    

    In response to Flint62Smoothie


Name on this forum;
I was on this forum years ago, and then for some reason couldn't log in, and when I tried, it said "Name already in use" and same for my password And email!
I do not know what I was doing wrong, but the only way to get in was start afresh, and my names all seemed taken so I just used initials.
So yes, this is P-B. LOL!

I'd Very much like to see your gun, that Michael owned.
He wanted me to go see him but I never got to.
He had a fantastic and much beloved collection. Sadly some of it, including the original of my loose copy, have recently been dispersed.

Few more photos.
It was a fiddle to get the guts in, as the plate is only 5/8" at the widest point.
Photo of the guts close by.
You know, the only reason to show something like this, is because I am so very interested in them, and hope it maybe rubs off so other folks build them as well!

So that's the lock and trigger plus guard done with.
Old rusty pitted iron is what I have lots of here on the farm. The lock work looks Rough, but the bearing surfaces are polished and hardened and slide V smoothly.

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03-13-18 11:18 PM - Post#1674183    

    In response to RJDH

The trigger-guard appeared novel to me, being made with a spike at the front that just fits straight up into the stock. I like that idea! Rear is nailed on on original, but I used screws in case I needed it off again.
Original has a nice little butt trap on underside of the stock, so made one as well.

More pictures I'm afraid...

Still a few more to come of stock finish'd....

Just a note or two;
With things like this, we mustn't be too clinical, as clinical doesn't really Look right. There were no rolling mills back then, so iron with hammer -marks was common. Perfect isn't good on stuff like this. I find I can do Imperfect !'s easy LOL!

all best, P-B.

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03-14-18 08:55 AM - Post#1674216    

    In response to RJDH

Hi Richard

Great that you're posting this build here, especiaqlly on a "shooters" Forum. Love the barrel design. The entire gun gives us a good idea of early 16th Century gun building. Wish I had your skill set LOL
Again, fantastic job. Do continue to keep us posted.

Flint: You should post that Victorian copy here !!

Myself: Currently having a 1600 Swedish Snaplock from TRS being built. Also have all the parts except the wood for a first half 18th Century Spanish "rifle" build. I'll select the wood from Dunlap's display in Baltimore this weekend. (I know, I've already heard grief about the rifled barrel on the Spanish gun) LOL But both guns should be done sometime this year.


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03-14-18 09:39 AM - Post#1674220    

    In response to RJDH

Wow great work.

40 Cal.
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03-14-18 10:12 AM - Post#1674233    

    In response to ricky

Top of the morning to you, Rick.

Yes, I Would like to see Flints gun here!
I also look forward to seeing your new builds, either in progress or as and when you receive them.
You don't need skills to build these, they are half crude, and even I can do half crude!

Stock finish on this present one;
I used aquafortis from Wahakon Bay. No stains or anything, and like the way it came out. I have some more of this very rough old wood, and am looking forward to using it on similar projects.

Looking at originals, they often show marks of the draw-knife and such, so left some in on this as well. Didn't sand much , just used a scraper.
Originals are not dead smooth, even after 500 years of handling!!

No ramrod pipes, as per original, just an open slot that is narrower on bottom side.

Finished and photos after first firing. It goes of FAST!
BTW, these in Swedish are called "Swamples lit"....Mushroom lock! as they were used often with tree fungus for tinder. I Must make another now, with little mushrooms of stag-horn or bone, little inlays. It Has to be done! :-)

First target, only 25 yards off-hand.
The flier is one where a patch stuck to the ball. Had been in a loading block maybe 15 years or more!
Also a couple of photos of a lad (not me) firing it.

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03-14-18 10:31 AM - Post#1674237    

    In response to rifleshooter2

Thank you sir! Pleased you like him.

Stock after aquafortis was done with raw linseed cut with pure turpentine. Comes up a nice dull glow in time.
You may note the little lines and X-marks on tang and implements;

These are Yorkshire witch-post marks, found only (apart from one ) in Yorkshire and from the 16th -17th C.
They were normally seen around the fireplace to keep witches from coming in by the chimney. As I am from Yorkshire, I thought I'd add them on this!
Up to now it has worked!
The original little ball puller had a very charming horn band to keep the puller central in the bore, so I put one on mine as well.

That's about it. I did find with a bit heavier charge, (75 grs 2F) it seems to want to really shoot well at 60 yards.


Colorado Clyde 
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Colorado Clyde
03-14-18 10:41 AM - Post#1674238    

    In response to RJDH

Very cool....

58 Cal.
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03-14-18 03:00 PM - Post#1674277    

    In response to RJDH

Hi Richard

That turned out just great !!! Love it.

That brand of stain looks so good on so many guns.
And appears to shoot well.

Congratulations on a wonderful job.


32 Cal.
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03-16-18 08:41 AM - Post#1674575    

    In response to ricky

Absolutely beautiful work! I would guess that the shape of the stock must shoulder very well and get your eye down low to the barrel to aim? I am hoping that with some of these incredible builds going on here that perhaps some custom matchlock builders will emerge that would build for us who don’t have the skills to create these weapons. This era of guns are so underrepresented. In any case I really like this design you chose to replicate.

40 Cal.
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03-16-18 01:55 PM - Post#1674637    

    In response to tc1969


This one is a bit early for a shoulder stock, and also too early for a cheek stock, so you more or less hold it in both hands and look through the tube sight at the front one and let fly.
It Is very comfortable to hold just touching the area near the collar-bone, and that way you get some contact with your jaw against the stock.
The odd part is that with a lively dose of powder, it just feels Fantastic!...and doesn't hurt anything. It is hard to describe but it's hard to put down.. just feels a lovely thump in the hands and that's all.

I would also like to say that I'd be up for making something of this sort if anyone wanted one, but with the farm, it has to be a winter job.

It seems we aren't really supposed to post links, but on another forum, there is a vast array of matchlocks, all so charmingly Different, and wonderful arms to try and replicate, ...most have Never had copies made..



45 Cal.
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04-30-18 05:13 PM - Post#1682439    

    In response to RJDH

That is a pukka bundook !!

40 Cal.
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05-01-18 10:44 PM - Post#1682731    

    In response to Heelerau

Thanks Gordon. I hope it is, anyway!


40 Cal.
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07-07-18 02:39 PM - Post#1692896    

    In response to RJDH

Well if you guys want more Swedish made snaplock muskets i got ya covered with this PDF file:

Dave Person 
54 Cal.
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07-11-18 05:38 PM - Post#1693344    

    In response to RJDH

Hi Richard,
You know your stuff and it shows in your work. I only wish I wasn't so far away in Vermont. I would love to pay a visit.


40 Cal.
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08-02-18 10:49 PM - Post#1695904    

    In response to Dave Person

Please forgive slow reply, Dave.
Computer been down for about a month. Finally got it back!

Vermont. Beautiful part of the world!
We host a Victorian shoot each June, (Last full weekend) Maybe some time you could make it over!
Folks have come from NH, as well as Texas, Nevada & Washington....and S Africa & NZ...

Ple3ased you like the wee snap-lock, but is it all pig-swill compared to your work! :-)

32 Cal.
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08-20-18 08:20 PM - Post#1698913    

    In response to RJDH

I am very impressed by the job you did on this rifle. I will most likely never own one of these but it was a great read following along as you built your gun. I have been watching youtube videos on the Pilgrims and Jamestown and the similar guns they used.

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54 Cal.
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08-22-18 12:41 PM - Post#1699215    

    In response to RJDH

Well....This farm boy sure has an impressive array
of tools/machinery and an amazing ability to use
them.....You make me want to try harder.


Colonial Boy 
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08-23-18 11:56 AM - Post#1699328    

    In response to wulf

A really beautiful build, and I love your workshop, I can't abide tidiness either

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40 Cal.
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08-23-18 11:09 PM - Post#1699395    

    In response to Colonial Boy

Thank you for your very kind comments, gentlemen.

The only way forward is backwards, if you understand me. :-)

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