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04-06-18 08:18 PM - Post#1678496    

    In response to HistorianASU2010

I used Windex as well as Windshield Washer fluid to clean with , both work good.

Like stated above, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

As for Turpentine, I read on another Forum that the BPCR Guys use it to de lead the barrel.

Put a cork in the muzzle end , stand on the muzzle end.

Fill bore with Turpentine , let stand overnight .

Next day remove cork and drain , dry and oil.

I’m told the lead from the bore will be on the cork.

I have not tried this however , maybe someone who has will chime in.
Good Luck & Good Shootin'

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04-07-18 08:21 AM - Post#1678535    

    In response to tenngun

  • tenngun Said:
Honest officer I know it’s an open container but I’m useing it at the range to clean my gun. I’m not drinking it ... I swear

Your obedient servant, Sgt. Maj.

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04-07-18 09:50 AM - Post#1678547    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

Yep a O3A3, West Virginia many years ago probably one of the coldest wettest years I ever hunted there. Cost me a nice 6 point buck.Even tried my best to keep the rifle dry.AN APPALICHIAN HUNTER

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04-16-18 10:35 AM - Post#1679937    

    In response to Kodiak13

I use water with some ivory soap shavings. A quart of water and 3 tablespoons of soap shavings and let it set overnight to dissolve the soap. I plug the nipple with a toothpick, pour some solution in and let it set for a few minutes, them pump a patch around, rinse with plain water, dry and oil. My barrel is always sparkly, shiny clean

Fels Naptha or Murphy's and water work well too.

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