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02-20-18 07:54 PM - Post#1670599    

Hi guys. I purchased a Lyman Flintlock GPR this year and just received the following notice about a recall. Thought I’d share it here as a PSA in the event that some of you are also affected. (Haven’t checked my serial number yet).

Lyman Products Corp. (“Lyman”) is voluntarily recalling black powder rifles and pistols due to the
potential of separation in the breech plug. Lyman maintains a safety-first approach, so despite finding
only a few firearms affected and no reported injuries, we are offering a recall program to have the issue
corrected. Lyman regrets the inconvenience but remains committed to the safety of our customers.
475 Smith Street
Middletown, CT 06457
office: 860-632-2020

This recall includes black powder rifles and pistols regardless of caliber (including Deerstalker, Great Plains, Great Plains Hunter, Trade Rifle, Plains Pistol, Black Powder Kits, and replacement barrels; excluding Percussion Left Hand Great Plains and Left Hand Great Plains Hunter models) manufactured from March 1, 2017 to December 22, 2017. Barrels with the serial number in the range of A595960–A599026 are subject to this recall.

Safety Warning:
Lyman has determined that some black powder rifles and pistols could, under certain circumstances, develop separation in the breech plug, which may pose a potential safety hazard. Please do not load or use any rifles or pistols subject to this recall.
How to Identify Rifles and Pistols Subject to the Recall:
Find the serial number where the barrel meets the tang, opposite of the lock. The serial number has the letter “A” followed by a series of 6 numbers.

Action to be Taken:
If the serial number is within the range of A595960–A599026, immediately discontinue any use of this product. Please contact the Lyman Customer Service Department by emailing or by calling 800-225-9626 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. EST. You will be asked to provide your contact information, serial number, and either the part number or model to process the return.
Anyone outside the U.S.A. who is in possession of a black powder rifle or pistol within the recall range should contact your local distributor immediately.

Upon receipt of the information provided to customer service, Lyman will send instructions and packaging to ship the product to Lyman for replacement at no cost to the customer. Lyman will provide a replacement barrel and tang with instructions or will replace the barrel and tang at Lyman and return the firearm. Please only return your rifle, pistol, or barrel and tang with the provided shipping tags and boxes

36 Cal.
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02-20-18 08:15 PM - Post#1670603    

    In response to TXFlynHog

Hmmmmm, I've noticed a sweating at that location on the check the serial number

and yes, it's one of 'em, email sent, thanks

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02-20-18 09:00 PM - Post#1670616    

    In response to skypilot39b

Thanks for the notice. I just picked up mine and it is in the range of serial numbers. Havent had a chance to fire it yet, Darn.

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02-20-18 10:10 PM - Post#1670630    

    In response to wyflint

There is another post in the General Muzzleloading section about this issue.

I would like to keep all discussion about it in that topic.

Here's a link to it.
Just Jim...

Georgia flint 
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03-05-18 08:24 PM - Post#1672871    

    In response to TXFlynHog

I got a .54 flint gpr kit back in November. Shaped the stock,polished the furniture and barrel,and had just browned everything and stained the wood. Ready to take her to the range and got the recall. Crap!
Oh well, better safe than sorry. It happens, I'll still buy Lyman products.

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03-11-18 09:51 AM - Post#1673748    

    In response to Georgia flint

I’d like to see what your polished furniture and shaped stock look like. You’ll be getting a replacement barrel, but all that other work is still a “keeper”.

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06-12-18 04:04 PM - Post#1689464    

    In response to TXFlynHog

I received my Lyman replacement barrel today. Now I need to remember which way to hammer out the original factory sites so that I can install the sites I had previously mounted on the original!

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06-12-18 04:54 PM - Post#1689469    

    In response to TXFlynHog

Should be left to right.

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06-14-18 03:48 PM - Post#1689726    

    In response to TXFlynHog

My GPR manual stated right to left.

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