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Login Name Post: Need Help to ID Bench/Target? Rifle        (Topic#306615)
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02-19-18 10:14 AM - Post#1670233    

Hello All,

I need help to ID a couple guns. Start with this Bench/Target rifle, appears 1840/50's?, has false muzzle (cap), later model Lyman sights. Some basic dimensions should be visible on paper. Absolutely no manufacturer markings visible, appears .40 caliber (at least), seven rifling grooves, extremely heavy barrel, measures approx. 1 1/4" OD.


Phil Coffins 
40 Cal.
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Phil Coffins
02-19-18 03:25 PM - Post#1670314    

    In response to Phil Coffins

I've seen a couple of rifles that are very similar to that one. Trigger guard, patch box, false muzzle, and over all style and prepose from New York state area. They were marked on the barrel as to maker. These are target rifles as apposed to bench rest type. Having the false muzzle is very important and if the bullet mold and other loading tools are with it the value is increased. Bore condition is most important to collectors. This type was made well into the 1870s. By the way they are not muskets. Muzzle loading rifle yes, musket no. A musket is a term used for military long arms generally made to except a bayonet.

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02-19-18 06:00 PM - Post#1670366    

    In response to Phil Coffins

Welcome to the rondy !

I agree.

It appears to be a "Match Rifle", once popular in the Massachussetts, Southern New England & New York (state) areas.

There are pics of several examples, some also unmarked as to maker, in Ned Robert's book (The Muzzle-loading Cap Lock Rifle).

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02-20-18 05:50 AM - Post#1670453    

    In response to Phil Coffins

...and muskets are smooth-bored.


32 Cal.
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02-20-18 08:27 AM - Post#1670470    

    In response to tac

Thanks for the reply's. Using the tips provided, I have found some that are similar on the internet. More markings may reveal themselves upon disassembly, but not ready to try that yet.

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03-11-18 01:51 PM - Post#1673783    

    In response to gpracer89

In addition to what others have already said...could be a Vermont maker as well. I assume you have already removed the rear sight which should be as simple as one screw? Sometimes the barrels are marked underneath.

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03-19-18 01:47 AM - Post#1675049    

    In response to vtbuck223

I think that gun is from my area of Armstrong/Jefferson county PA. I'm above Pittsburgh. Would like to check it out.

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03-27-18 04:44 PM - Post#1676704    

    In response to gpracer89

Have a look in Ned Roberts book the Muzzle-Loading Cap Lock Rifle, lots of examples much like yours in there. Hopefully the bore is still good. I think it is post 1870 and would be a lot of fun to work up.

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