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Login Name Post: Dalton Gang Biathlon        (Topic#306539)
Nit Wit 
45 Cal.
Posts: 964
02-11-18 08:42 AM - Post#1668842    

Anyone going to Dalton NH next weekend? I will be there Saturday with smooth bore and pistol!
Look me up.
Nit Wit

Nit Wit 
45 Cal.
Posts: 964
02-17-18 08:17 PM - Post#1669945    

    In response to Nit Wit

I competed today smoothbore 5 hits out of 9, no back to back 1st place this year. I did the course again, this time with my Patriot pistol. & out of nine were hits. At 64 1/2 going up that mountain twice is no picnic. Very pleased with my pistol shooting and my Ojibway style snowshoes by Marie Boutin out of Vermont, best shoes money can buy!
Nit Wit

40 Cal.
Posts: 499
02-18-18 08:45 AM - Post#1670017    

    In response to Nit Wit

How was the turnout for this event?

Nit Wit 
45 Cal.
Posts: 964
02-19-18 02:09 PM - Post#1670284    

    In response to XXX

69 folks this year, I imagine it's down a little. I stand corrected on back to back wins. It looks like I won the Elder smooth bore with 5 hits out of 9, my running time on the 1.5 mile course was 51:10.
I ran it again with my patriot pistol and I hit 7 out of 9 with a run time of 51:32 winning the elder pistol. It's the toughest course out there but the are views are wonderful. Real nice folks to hang with(not with a rope)! My 64 1/2 year old body is still protesting. Two in one day at my age might be too much, I didn't die so I will try again next year! Come join me.
Nit Wit

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