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Kansas Jake 
50 Cal.
Posts: 1449
01-27-18 08:11 PM - Post#1666258    

Two things I want to share. I bought a bunch of books related to muzzle loading at an elderly (older than me) neighbor's household auction today. I didn't even know he had an interest in muzzle loading and the civil war.

First, among my treasures I acquired, The Pennsylvania-Kentucky Rifle by Kauffman, 1960 edition; Hardbound copy of The Plains Rifle by Charles Hanson Jr.; Hawken Rifles the Mountain Man's Choice by John D Baird, first edition and signed; Black Powder Guide bu Nonte; Muzzleloading Handbook by Fadala; and Who's Who in Buckskins by John D Baird.

The last, Who's Who in Buckskins is also signed and includes a inscription to a Dick Weber. Several of the other books Include Mr. Weber's name. Do any of you know who he is? There was also included in the book loose papers with list of participants and some personal photos from the Second Annual Pine Ridge Rendevous held near Chadron Nebraska in July of 1972. Several of the pictures show John Baird shooting his Flintlock.

Did any of you happen to attend this event many years ago?

I also managed to pick up a white and striped wool blanket made for J.C Penny at the auction. All in all it was a good day.

Loyalist Dave 
Posts: 6784
Loyalist Dave
02-01-18 07:00 AM - Post#1667053    

    In response to Kansas Jake

  • Quote:
All in all it was a good day.

I'd sure say it was!


58 Cal.
Posts: 2040
02-01-18 06:46 PM - Post#1667161    

    In response to Kansas Jake

You did well!.

We never know when we might come across some treasure. Many years ago, I bought a set of the writings of Theodore Roosevelt - Presidential Edition! - for $7.50. (And they were unread.)


Kansas Jake 
50 Cal.
Posts: 1449
02-01-18 07:29 PM - Post#1667168    

    In response to Grumpa

I was particularly curious about Dick Weber. He lived here in Manhattan Kansas, but probably moved here from Virginia as several of the books had Virginia as his location. He attended the rendezvous in 1972 in Chadron and may have attended other of the early gatherings. Included also, were names and addresses of attendees at several of those early gatherings.

I really don't need those things, but would consider forwarding them to someone who might be interested in the history.

Hairy Clipper 
40 Cal.
Posts: 202
Hairy Clipper
02-06-18 06:23 PM - Post#1668069    

    In response to Kansas Jake

I would say that was a nice haul as the fish seiners say around here. Whenever I find an auction with books they are usually fiction, something I rarely read.

I wish I could help you out with Mr. Weber, the only Dick Weber I ever heard of was a professional bowler.

Kansas Jake 
50 Cal.
Posts: 1449
02-06-18 07:14 PM - Post#1668086    

    In response to Hairy Clipper

I stopped by the Kansas Muzzleloaders Association convention last weekend and one older member said he thought he remembered him. My guess is he has been gone for a number of years. He did attend several of the N.M.L.R.A rendezvous in the early 1970s. Probably 1972,1973 and maybe 1974.

58 Cal.
Posts: 2345
02-12-18 05:51 AM - Post#1668997    

    In response to Kansas Jake

A call to the NMLRA may help. If they have membership records that far back, it may open a path to him or his relatives. Maybe a relative with the last name may be a member today!?!?

Kansas Jake 
50 Cal.
Posts: 1449
02-12-18 09:31 AM - Post#1669025    

    In response to trent/OH

Thanks Trent. I'll do that. The lot included some pictures and records from the 1972-1974 Rendevous and they may be interested in those also. I have no need for them and they may be interested for archive stuff.

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