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Login Name Post: Buckshot load for 20 ga fowler for Coyotes?        (Topic#306232)
Colorado Clyde 
Posts: 15106
Colorado Clyde
01-15-18 10:07 AM - Post#1663489    

    In response to Rifleman1776

My dear Brother,
...That's not what I was referring to....He posted individual buckshot pellet weights that were heavier as the size decreased...

Posts: 26661
01-15-18 06:06 PM - Post#1663574    

    In response to Grenadier1758

Thank you for correcting the ball weights for me Grenadier1758.

I know what I did wrong.
I had figured out the number of balls per ounce and jotted down those numbers.

When I wrote my post somehow my eyes lit on those numbers for the #2 and #3 size buckshot.
The weight I listed for the #4 should be right.

Thanks again.
Just Jim...

58 Cal.
Posts: 2344
01-15-18 08:06 PM - Post#1663611    

    In response to Zonie

We have a very slight difference on the specific gravity of lead, but that's not enough to really get excited about the difference. In most cases it is in the thousandths or hundredths of a grain.

45 Cal.
Posts: 748
01-15-18 09:29 PM - Post#1663641    

    In response to Rifleman1776

Thanks for all the input!! I knew I would get some good info from you all!! I'll let you know what I find and hopefully will have pics to share!!

Posts: 14324
01-16-18 04:09 AM - Post#1663679    

    In response to jrmflintlock

  • jrmflintlock Said:
I'll let you know what I find and hopefully will have pics to share!!

Thanks for that! Nothing like a little first hand experience to tame the speculators.
"Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
Merle Haggard

Deputy Dog 
50 Cal.
Posts: 1126
Deputy Dog
01-16-18 11:28 AM - Post#1663747    

    In response to BrownBear

The last, (only), coyote I have killed with a shotgun was with #4 lead shot while hunting pheasants. Keep yer powder dry........robin

40 Cal.
Posts: 164
01-18-18 11:26 AM - Post#1664330    

    In response to jrmflintlock

I was just browsing youtube the other day for "Eastern Coyote Hunting". There was a video by one hunter explaining why he has settled on BB size shot. He said he's killed coyotes with every size up through 6 at close range. He said he has killed coyotes out to 80 yards using BB, but definitely didn't recommend that as a normal range limit, just to say that he has done it. He uses nickel plated lead BB as his standard load. Larger sizes reduce the chance of a pellet hitting in a lethal area, and smaller size shot reduces penetration. BB was the perfect middle ground.

This was in a modern gun. I'm not sure how a muzzleloader's different performance might affect that choice...

So, I'm thinking buckshot, although it would have great penetration, would not give the best odds for a killing hit. And with a muzzleloader, you won't get a second shot. I would try BB.

75 Cal.
Posts: 5700
01-18-18 08:57 PM - Post#1664447    

    In response to hunts4deer

I used to load up my 10GA wiht BB's for fowl over decoys (always hoping for a goose which never happened). Worked well for pin tails n mallards with the full choke tube, imagine it would whack a yote. I loaded up 32 cal balls for yotes once but none came in. About cut a 6" pine in half at 10 yds at the end of the day

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