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01-12-18 04:20 PM - Post#1663033    

    In response to Deputy Dog

IM pretty much left dominant. Used to shoot archery right handed though..

As for guns, years back I made it a point to learn to be a passable shot with my rifle or pistol right handed. I cant remember if I did the rifle offhand though.
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01-12-18 05:24 PM - Post#1663041    

    In response to Adui

I can shoot a pistol with left or right hand but always use my left eye because it shows the front sight better.

I can shoot a rifle left handed only with a rest. I miss everything over 30 yards offhand playing lefty.

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01-12-18 05:55 PM - Post#1663047    

    In response to Patocazador

I used to be decent shooting weak side. Our woods walk has a weak side target so I got pretty decent at it. Then along came a steel chip with industrial grade staph on it. Now my left eye cornea has a kidney shaped scar intruding in the central part. So now weak side shooting is not so successful. BJH

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01-13-18 05:15 AM - Post#1663091    

    In response to Adui

My Dad was righthanded, but left eye dominant & was a longtime competitive pistol shooter, with Silver & Bronze in successive years at the Senior Olympics.

I'm lefthanded & left eye dominant & have never found any reason to change my routine. I learned to shoot flint with all righthanded flintlock rifles. While I do have a lefthanded flint rifle, it seems awkward & easier to shoot a righthanded flinter lefthanded.

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