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Rum River 
32 Cal.
Posts: 7
01-17-18 06:22 AM - Post#1663962    

    In response to azmntman

Years ago I managed to stick a bronze brush in the bottom of a .50 Hawken. Thought I'd broken the brush in, guess not.

As I flailed around in vain to remove the item I managed to twist off the wire too. Perfect, now we're getting somewhere.

Not having a 30" needle nose pliers available I tried my go-to response of staring at it while invoking various chants. No luck.

After calming down a bit, I pulled the nipple and
dribbled in about 5 grains of 4F from my flinter.
Not quite enough, a repeat using 10 grains shot it out.

The brush is on the shop wall to reinforce my one basic rule: "Try not to be any more stupid than you can help."

On the other hand I truly now can say I have a brush load for my rifle. Get it? Brush load?

Posts: 6779
01-17-18 07:32 AM - Post#1663971    

    In response to Rum River

of all the things i've lost in this life, i miss my mind the most

36 Cal.
Posts: 72
01-17-18 11:04 AM - Post#1664024    

    In response to Britsmoothy

Gerard Dueck 
45 Cal.
Posts: 787
Gerard Dueck
01-17-18 12:57 PM - Post#1664068    

    In response to MSW

That's my line too. I once took both ml rifles to my brother's cottage so he could try them out. It was mid winter and nobody around. We had to snowshoe in the last 1/4 mile. Arrived on site and looked for my shooting bag. Left at home. No powder no ball and no caps. I call it having a stupid attack.

32 Cal.
Posts: 32
01-19-18 06:36 AM - Post#1664518    

    In response to MSW

of all the things i've lost in this life, i miss my mind the most

I would second this, if I could remember that I have lost my mind.

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