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12-29-17 01:10 AM - Post#1659571    

I just purchased a TVM Early Virginia rifle with a 42" barrel. The rifle is 58" long. Does anyone know where I can get a quality hard case to transport the rifle to/from the rifle range.

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12-29-17 02:00 AM - Post#1659573    

    In response to Hawken-Hunter

Here's one Link

ohio ramrod 
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12-29-17 06:57 PM - Post#1659774    

    In response to Hawken-Hunter

After bending my front sight taking the rifle out of my car, (The truck was lent to a friend who was moving.) I took some plywood, a few 1x4 poplar boards and made a hard case. It took about an hour and while it doesn't look fancy it protects the rifle.If just protecting your rifle is the object, just make one out of available materials and some carpet backing to pad the rifle.

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12-30-17 07:29 PM - Post#1660086    

    In response to ohio ramrod

made this to transport and to keep mine in

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12-30-17 08:10 PM - Post#1660097    

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"Don't take life too serious - it ain't nohow permanent."

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01-02-18 09:15 PM - Post#1660679    

    In response to Stumpkiller

Wow - that's really nice.

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01-03-18 03:13 PM - Post#1660815    

    In response to Hawken-Hunter

thanks to both. its rough on the outside, i used reclaimed pine for the case. it does bang around in the bed of the truck fairly frequently.
the inside is lined with upholstery material laid over soft padding which, in turn, is laid over carved blue board foam and spray foam insulation.
i still plan on padding the inside of the lid, and adding steel case corners like the ones found on heavy duty instrument cases. the case holds everything you need for a few days at the range.
lots of spray foam, spray glue, and a weekend.

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Mick C 
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Mick C
01-13-18 11:11 AM - Post#1663142    

    In response to Hawken-Hunter

Crazy Crow has a very nice hard case:

Thinking we should support merchants that specialize in our hobby/sport...Mick

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01-30-18 06:56 PM - Post#1666735    

    In response to Hawken-Hunter

Jim Chambers sells them. They are very well made. They may be more than you are looking for but they are worth the money.

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