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12-23-17 09:47 AM - Post#1658547    

Well it's the Holiday Season so going over my bucket list. Most long hunter types that trek will go on a scout, walking and camping out. One fantasy trek I always thought would be great would be a combination trapping and buffalo hunt venture. If horses could be used, that would be ideal. Skip the tent, just sleep on the ground.
Not quite sure how it could be arranged. Probably start with the trapping. It would be great to use PC square jawed traps and all the pc accouterments- bait bottle, etc. Then end the trip on a nearby ranch with a buffalo hunt. Now a days buffalo is cut up like a deer (sort of) but the mountain men split the hide on top, took out the hump ribs/roast cut through to the tenderloins and diced them up for boudins with the intestine, and ate the marrow bones. Now that would be an experience.
I wonder if pack trip outfits do anything like that? If you could get about 6 guys one buffalo would do for the group. You could draw straws on who gets to shoot the buffalo but the group would divide it up. On the trapping, I wonder if the group could work under a guide's license?
I suppose the headwaters of the Green River in the Wind River Range would be ideal- if you haven't been there, beautiful country and the headwaters have a multitude of tributaries- still looks like prime beaver country.

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12-24-17 10:02 AM - Post#1658701    

    In response to crockett

That sounds like a lot of fun. You would have to check out cost and laws. Putting a trap in water is trapping, so you would have to follow the laws of Wyoming Utah or Idaho.
I’ve butchered a buff on the ground before, it’s a job but several working together on it can be fun.
It would be a expensive trek. Hc saddles and tack are stuff most of us don’t get into since we don’t own a horse. I think it would be at least a week or two event.

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12-24-17 01:18 PM - Post#1658728    

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I'd do it the more historical way......Pack in guns whiskey and blankets, etc.. trade with the natives and pack out pelts.
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"The Indians say that it is the animal most liked by the French, the English and the Basques, in sum, by all Europeans. One day, I heard an Indian say that beaver makes allthings perfectly well, that it makes kettles, axes, swords, knives, bread, in brief, everything. He mocks Europeans who are passioned for the skin of this animal. My Indian host told me one day, showing me a very handy knife: the English do not think right; they give us 20 knives like this one for one beaver skin."(Jesuit Paul Le Jeune, in Jesuit Relations, vol 6: 296-98)

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12-26-17 09:52 AM - Post#1659075    

    In response to tenngun

Well the other thing is that today the best time to trap beaver (or legal) may be winter but the mountain men didn't trap under ice (to my knowledge) so the trap aspect may not be doable.
I thought start at the museum of the mountain men in Powell and head upstream over the divide into Jackson Hole, maybe slabbing along the Wind River Range and then get down into the National Park and okay them into shooting a buffalo (I think right now they are repopulating them to other
areas). Probably a pipe dream.
And 100% pc, sleep on the ground, feed the horses in daylight and stake/tie in camp at night, figure a week trip. Move about 14 miles per day.

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