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01-15-18 09:16 AM - Post#1663477    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

Wish I could find that many.... Im lucky to get a shot at 3 or 4 a year....

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01-15-18 10:13 AM - Post#1663490    

    In response to CapPopper

  • CapPopper Said:
Wish I could find that many.... Im lucky to get a shot at 3 or 4 a year....

I'm lucky to get 3 or 4 shots at a groundhog a year. We have a couple that do foundation damage. But, I swear, they can detect someone just looking at them. Then they are gone. I have killed several over the years but getting a shot is a very iffy thing. That video did explain how to trap. I'll try that. BTW, I was once told the hide is about the toughest stuff ever. Perfect for moccasins. Soft but wear resistant.

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02-22-18 06:11 PM - Post#1670922    

    In response to Rifleman1776

Great replies, thanks!

hadden west 
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hadden west
02-23-18 12:23 PM - Post#1671030    

    In response to CapPopper

When I grew up, in remote area of West Virginia, groundhogs when everywhere. I would walk creek banks, pasture land with large rocks, and of course hay fields. One summer, yielded 40 or more groundhogs. It's not like that, up there now. My brother still lives there and see's very few. I guess the coyotes got them. Didn't have coyotes, there, when I grew up.

Would love to find some, to go after with my .36. I have a custom built .36 that would definitely do the job, out to 75 yards or so. I'm limited to how far I can see, to shoot open sights.

Walks with fire 
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02-23-18 05:33 PM - Post#1671091    

    In response to blackpowder62

Groundhogs are not small game in Pa. You can use whatever caliber you want for groundhogs. I like my .50 for all around shooting. Excellent groundhog caliber out to 150 yards.

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