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11-13-17 10:53 PM - Post#1651627    

Does anyone know anything about a company called militiahouse? They popped up on my facecreep newsfeed today and I've never heard of them... Quality? Best to be avoided? What's the word?

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11-14-17 01:33 PM - Post#1651686    

    In response to Sooter76

Never heard of them but their stuff looks good prices seem fair.

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11-14-17 04:02 PM - Post#1651718    

    In response to tenngun

Same here. Prices aren't outrageous for the items being advertised. They're filling a market not often covered for 18th century gear. The one cartridge called Spanish with slight extensions at top was also used by the French. In fact, appears Spain and France shared more than just Bourbon family lines!

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11-17-17 09:59 AM - Post#1652030    

    In response to Sooter76

Had the inclination to go for a Tulle trade gun and spoke with the owner, Adam Barnes. I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken with someone more knowledgeable about French arms. He’s gotten down to the nitty gritty by translating old French documents and manuals.

Alas, I was getting married that month and passed on ordering one, but if I want a French gun that’s where I’ll get it

He is a super nice guy, too.

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11-24-17 06:21 AM - Post#1653226    

    In response to SgtErv

I can also vouch for Adam Barnes and his penchant for research. He is also dedicated to providing a quality product. He uses what he sells. He shares the knowledge he has gained through research. Sometimes the documented facts belie our long held beliefs. Most of the colonial reenactors should be carrying the Dutch Muskets instead of Long Land Pattern Muskets for F&I reenacting. His leather goods are spot on. He has contacts with museums and various historic armories so while he may start off with information from other reenactors, he does the extra step to verify that what he offers is correct.

Water Sheltie 
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12-02-17 01:16 PM - Post#1654752    

    In response to Grenadier1758

Overall his workmanship is very good, Adam Barnes is very interesting to speak to, very knowledgeable of the history of the products he sells.

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