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32 Cal.
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11-06-17 08:26 AM - Post#1650577    

Hi folks! you were all so accommodating a few months ago when I posted the video series with my Pietta revolver, that I thought I'd send another one your way! The fall of the year is my favorite time to bring out my T/C Hawken and burn some black powder. This is just a fun video. I hope you enjoy it!


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11-06-17 01:53 PM - Post#1650627    

    In response to hrfunk

Always a great afternoon having to defend yourself from overly aggressive Gatorade bottles! Fun is what you make of it! Good job!

32 Cal.
Posts: 19
11-06-17 03:05 PM - Post#1650635    

    In response to Wes/Tex

Thank you!


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11-06-17 05:03 PM - Post#1650648    

    In response to hrfunk

Good video.

If I was going to be critical of anything it would be the method of cleaning between shots you used.

A long time ago I learned that running the damp patch down the bore and immediately pumping it up and down, knocked a lot of fouling down the bore into the breech.

To prevent this from happening I switched to a method I think is better.

After dampening the patch I run it down the bore all the way to the breech plug.

I then let it sit there for a count of 5 to 10 or so seconds.
This gives the fouling in the bore, time to soak up the moisture and become soft.

After waiting for the softening, I then pull the ramrod and patched jag out in one smooth, medium speed pull.

When done like this, almost all of the fouling will be wiped out and the little bit that remains will be removed with the "drying" patch that wipes the dampness from the bore.

Using this method, none of the fouling falls into the breech area and although it can be done, I don't have to pop a cap before reloading for the following shots.

I shouldn't get into the TC #13 bore cleaner issue but I found it caused rust to form in the bore almost immediately after I used it.

Normally, to dampen the wiping patch, I just use plain water.
Just Jim...

32 Cal.
Posts: 19
11-06-17 06:15 PM - Post#1650659    

    In response to Zonie

Thank you for the info. I’ve never experienced an issue, but if ever I do, I’ll keep your method in mind. Thanks again!


ohio ramrod 
75 Cal.
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11-10-17 08:59 PM - Post#1651269    

    In response to Zonie

My boy's CVA often misfired when pushing the cleaning patches all of the way down. Leaving the cleaning patch about an inch from the bottom eliminated the problem. The CVA version of the patten breach was well known for plugging with fouling.

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