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11-13-17 07:00 AM - Post#1651505    

    In response to Rich Pierce

Rich, I think that is the best idea that I have heard yet! After talking to the greoup more , they too realize that what they are portraying is not neccessarily accurate to perfection. And I was able to bring new informastion and ideas to t he table thanks to you guys! they had neer thought of the fact that our area of central NY would have already been mostly private property. However I did learn that they are not portraying someone from our area, but rather a person/people who would have just arrived at the western frontier from our area , And therefore would most likely be dressed accordingly . As someone stated, the area may not exactly fit the timeframe.....and i am certainly not moving to the midwest lol. So now that I believe I am on the right track I think i will now have some fun lol

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