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Login Name Post: Investarms Hawken .50        (Topic#305271)
32 Cal.
Posts: 7
10-17-17 07:28 PM - Post#1648376    

Replaced the nipple with a musket nipple and used RWS musket caps. Fired all rounds with no problems. Trigger is not as smooth as I would like. Might replace it next year.

Colorado Clyde 
Posts: 11643
Colorado Clyde
10-17-17 07:42 PM - Post#1648378    

    In response to dave45hawken

# 11 caps should work just fine by themselves.....unless you are shooting a crappy substitute BP powder...or you have a poor cleaning regimen.

The set trigger should also have a fair amount of adjustment available...

32 Cal.
Posts: 7
10-17-17 09:26 PM - Post#1648390    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

I bought the rifle used and the #11 nipple was slightly deformed. I wanted to try a Musket Nipple after reading about that online. I use GOEX FFg. Cabelas has 2 nipples for under $9.

Posts: 7717
10-18-17 12:12 AM - Post#1648401    

    In response to dave45hawken

Polish the trigger parts as well...can make a big difference. Be careful not to change angles, just polish smooth and lube lightly.

rj morrison 
50 Cal.
Posts: 1365
rj  morrison
10-20-17 09:08 AM - Post#1648635    

    In response to dave45hawken

get a set of tc hawkin triggers. better then investarms but not as good as davis deer slayer triggers.

36 Cal.
Posts: 74
10-31-17 07:49 PM - Post#1649958    

    In response to rj morrison

The adjustment screw on these are too short to make adjustments. Likely a lawyers advise to prevent lawsuits, replace the screw and they adjust pretty well.

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