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Login Name Post: Throwing hawks        (Topic#305056)
Spotted Bull 
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Spotted Bull
03-06-18 01:40 PM - Post#1672962    

    In response to Rifleman1776

If you are looking for a full size hawk that is still very light weight, try a Beaver Bill hawk.

Beaver Bill Throwing Hawks

I had the privilege of throwing a couple that belonged to a friend and won a competition with it. I still need to purchase one of my own. They are light weight and excellent to throw!

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03-08-18 03:28 PM - Post#1673299    

    In response to Wes/Tex

You're only allowed a 4" bit for most competitions.

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03-09-18 09:54 AM - Post#1673465    

    In response to Dane

  • Dane Said:
You're only allowed a 4" bit for most competitions.

Yes. But most of those BB hawks were listed at 3 3/4" to 4". For most competitions a 4" is needed to completely cut a playing card in half lengthways. That is a very common target. Anything under 4" could never win. The old standby H&B meets the requirements and is as good a currently made hawk as one is going to fine. OTOH, I have a hawk I bought at ronny very reasonably. Like it for looks and handling. Not until later I discovered in tiny letters "PAKISTAN". I know it is cast but serves me OK. I filed off the offending word.

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