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Login Name Post: Damascus patch knife        (Topic#304969)
58 Cal.
Posts: 2244
10-10-18 04:25 PM - Post#1706421    

    In response to Spence10

This forum Should be in the reenacting section.

And a new forum for pictures in this sub forum??

That would end confusion and fighting perhaps?

69 Cal.
Posts: 3143
10-10-18 05:52 PM - Post#1706435    

    In response to nhmoose

Likely not. There are so many threads that drift off topic, that moving them around based on replies would only create confusion. When say a rifle is posted in the "flintlock" section, the door is open to comments about build quality, hunting with it, suitability for reenacting, target loads vs hunting loads, personal stories about the builder, etc etc as well as the generic "I like it". Everyone is free to choose how HC they wish to be or not be - the problem is when simple statements of fact - that something is or is not HC - are twisted by some into being seen as some kind of personal attack. If I post about a .40 caliber and someone states that it is too small to legally hunt deer with in their state, that is not a personal attack. It is simply a piece of information that I might care less about (if I have no plans to hunt there) but that might be of real interest to someone who had not thought about that aspect of a .40. By the same token, a simple comment about something being HC or not is simply a piece of information, valuable to those that care and simply another bit of useless information to be ignored by those for whom it does not apply.

40 Cal.
Posts: 427
10-20-18 05:32 PM - Post#1707905    

    In response to Spence10

Grumpy old men.

When a newbie gets his first inexpensive repro rifle that is not really repro but it is black powder, he is taking his first steps into what can be a lifetime of enjoyment. It is a slow growth from just that first rifle to a better rifle and an understanding of the past and what it can mean to follow the footprints of those eras long gone. Over a lifetime the implements of the past become our own, and a new way of life has blossomed.

But when a few grumpy old men have conniption fits and treat a new user like a criminal, that potential growth is nipped before it ever gets started. We should share and encourage the beginners. What we SHOULD NOT do is treat anyone that does does not completely buy into the PC/HC/BSC life at the onset like a leper.

I have encouraged 3 of my co-workers to come to this site to learn more about the world of black powder guns and that way of thinking. All three have come to visit here, and never returned. All three have indicated that the realm was too hostile and new people were treated badly.

Get it? It's supposed to be fun and a place to share a common interest.
What it is NOT supposed to be is the clic of rich biatches at the school cafeteria that hang out in the corner and make fun of the poor girls that don't have designer shoes to wear.

Being old is not an excuse for being rude.

Load 'em up - Light 'em up -Make some smoke - Bang some steel!

Black Hand 
Posts: 7763
Black Hand
10-20-18 06:29 PM - Post#1707918    

    In response to Griz44Mag

  • Griz44Mag Said:
Being old is not an excuse for being rude.

Bringing up that an item isn't PC/HC is NOT RUDE.

Being young/new (or old) is no excuse for being lazy or pretending there isn't a right (and wrong) way to do things. Someone starting with a repro rifle is not a crime, but insisting that said repro rifle is a spot-on, historically-accurate item and making no effort to improve IS a problem.

Why is it that people are encouraged to learn from those with more knowledge & experience in every other vocation/avocation EXCEPT this one? And that someone sharing their knowledge freely (and the poster being under NO pressure to accept said information) IS a problem and treated like a crime (especially by some who should know better).

We don't improve this hobby by being mediocre and encouraging others to be mediocre too, we improve it by having a passion for knowledge and trying to do what was done with what they actually had.

Posts: 6998
10-20-18 06:46 PM - Post#1707919    

    In response to Black Hand

Well said.

I've been on this forum for 8 years, and have read almost every thread posted in all forums in that time. If there was ever an instance of a newby being treated rudely on a personal basis, I must have missed it. Many a one has been advised that some gear, procedure or belief was not historically correct, but never attacked for it that I've ever seen.

Strange. When someone wants help with a problem, the old boys are the fount of all wisdom, not to be questioned, but if they happen to disagree with someone's take on the question of HC/PC, they are grumpy old men.

It's enough to make a person grumpy.


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