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08-04-17 06:04 AM - Post#1639132    

I picked up a copy of this book while visiting the Confederate Memorial Hall Museum in New Orleans. Pretty detailed look at soldiering in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Museum is worth a visit if you're passing through. A lot of the exhibits had a personal touch, items were documented to specific soldiers which added a lot.

I recommend both.

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08-05-17 04:53 PM - Post#1639274    

    In response to yonderin

Battlefields and historic sights and many of the little town museums often have some neat books with generally limited avalibility. I pulled in to a gas station near Cabol mo and they had a book ran off on a copy machine and stapled together telling local history. They had went back to firstland grants and homestead records, full of neat little looks in to real life. Most of the book covered 1900-1930 but had info going back to the 1790s.
You won't find them on your kindle store. So many books so little time

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09-14-17 10:19 AM - Post#1643986    

    In response to yonderin

Another source for such books with limited publication is Dixie Gun Works. Take a look at this site:

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09-14-17 10:42 AM - Post#1643988    

    In response to Billnpatti


Just picked up a copy for a pard. Less than $10 in the place that replaced the Wax Museum in Gettysburg. Sorry, I forget what it's called now.


Gene L 
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09-19-17 03:37 PM - Post#1644761    

    In response to Calum

LibriVox has the oral reading of it for free, if you want to listen rather than read.

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11-17-17 09:43 PM - Post#1652119    

    In response to Gene L

The Life is Johnny Reb by Bell Irvin Wiley is also really good. It’s not a first person account of its own,, but everything topic the author writes about is backed by first person segments and quotes throughout. It’s an enlightening read. He gets down into the miniutae pretty deep, including the psychology. (He’s the one that wrote about soldiers loading shot after shot having misfired, and ending up with a bore full of ammunition. A few of those guns were recovered). An accompaniment to that book is The Life of Billy Yank.

I would imagine that Hardtack and Coffee, is absolutely great for Civil War re-enactors considering the details he goes into about the everyday camp life of a Union solder.

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11-18-17 09:59 AM - Post#1652162    

    In response to SgtErv

If one is interested in Confederate Soldiers, here is a book that many people may not or don't know about.

"Co. Aytch:: A Confederate Memoir of the Civil War"

I read it in the very early 1980's while trying to learn more about the "War in the West" (as the Midwest was often referred to in those days) and trying to learn more about what it was like for my Confederate Ancestor.


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