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32 Cal.
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02-22-17 12:28 PM - Post#1615471    

Has anyone else ever ordered parts from Deer Creek Products in IN? About two weeks ago I called and ordered some new screws for a CVA rifle. I received the parts in a timely manor but when I went to install them they were the wrong size - either too long or the screw heads too small. I emailed and asked if these were the right parts and what could I do. No response. I called and the woman who answered the phone laughed at me (a bad sign) and told me I had to talk to her boss about it. OK, put him on the phone. Sorry, he is out to lunch (at 10:30 am). She took my name and number and promised to have him call as soon as he returned. That was a day ago and still no return call. Is it just me or do they treat everyone this badly?

I know it is only a small order but if they treat everyone like this I would never, EVER, order anything from them again!

62 Cal.
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02-22-17 03:47 PM - Post#1615502    

    In response to parrothead

Been dealing with them a long time and never had any problems. Have sent 1 small cleanout screw back and they sent me the right one. There had been a difference in those screws depending on year and model of CVA they were on. They are a good source for RWS caps (by the way)

40 Cal.
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04-28-17 09:07 PM - Post#1626780    

    In response to Ghettogun

I just ordered some screws and nipples for a CVA pistol. The correct parts showed up in my mailbox in Fairbanks AK just two or three days after I placed the order. Seemed like pretty darned good service to me.

Many Klatch 
69 Cal.
Posts: 3261
Many Klatch
04-29-17 05:18 AM - Post#1626803    

    In response to parrothead

The folks at Deer Creek have taken over the business from the original owner. The original owner was a pack rat. There are things stored in old semi trailers and a couple of buildings. They are still finding things. Sometimes they have to wait to find things until the old owner happens to show up and tells them where to look.

They are very attentive to their customers but they are dealing with a mess when it comes to finding odd parts. That is probably why the lady on the phone laughed. Be patient, they are good people. Besides no body else has these parts.

40 Cal.
Posts: 104
05-14-18 02:58 PM - Post#1684675    

    In response to Many Klatch

I have been trying to raise them on the phone for a few days now, and the line is always busy. Would you recommend going ahead with an online purchase?

My grandson convinced me to buy a relative's wallhanging CVA that I knew was at one time a good shooter, and on the first outing, my grandson dropped it . We need a new stock and butt plate. He's only twelve, and it was his first ever muzzle loader experience.

58 Cal.
Posts: 2299
05-14-18 11:18 PM - Post#1684726    

    In response to parrothead

Quite a number of years back I was sighting in an "H&A" underhammer that I had bought from Blue Grouse as a kit. The sear (part of the trigger) hit the half cock notch and broke off. I called Deer Creek and told them I need a trigger and where I had gotten the gun. The nice lady said the gun had a lifetime warranty and would send a trigger and also a hammer as she said they were sometimes damaged when that happens. I explained that I didn't need the hammer but she said I would get it anyway, no charge for the parts.

Redstick Lee 
40 Cal.
Posts: 105
Redstick Lee
05-15-18 01:16 AM - Post#1684732    

    In response to outbackzack

if it shows being "in stock" on the checkout page and item description page both.....then yes, I wouldn't hesitate to order.

I've bought from Deer Creek for quite a while now and have NEVER had an issue.

40 Cal.
Posts: 104
05-15-18 06:48 PM - Post#1684861    

    In response to Redstick Lee

It doesn't matter, I need a stock with a one inch channel, they only have the 15/16 channel.

Colorado Clyde 
Posts: 14286
Colorado Clyde
05-15-18 11:17 PM - Post#1684898    

    In response to parrothead

Any update?

40 Cal.
Posts: 104
05-19-18 05:58 AM - Post#1685361    

    In response to Colorado Clyde

Out of curiosity I placed a small order for some parts and accessories. According to the email, it should arrive later today. The site store reads like a clearance sale, listing number of the particular item available. I ordered a new buttplate for the injured flintlock, with the intent of using some old fashioned wood crafting to repair the crack in the stock on the opposite side of the lock.

40 Cal.
Posts: 104
05-20-18 01:34 PM - Post#1685530    

    In response to outbackzack

Everything showed up today. The butt plate is not a perfect match, but I sort of expected that. The rifle looks like a kit from the mid 80's. Luckily I have files, chisels, sand paper, and a small bit of talent for wood working. Very small.

Now to convince the wife I need the Kentucky rifle kit, to show the grandson how to do it, of course.

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