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Login Name Post: RIP Chuck Burrows (La Bonte)        (Topic#299891)
58 Cal.
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05-09-16 06:16 PM - Post#1564759    

    In response to horner75

Totally missed this post.

I will miss Chuck. Him and I sometimes had long conversations on our differing opinions but certainly respected the man.

I will miss talking to him - RIP Chuck.
A flintlock is modern compared to my bow


32 Cal.
Posts: 8
07-24-18 11:55 PM - Post#1694783    

    In response to 50cal.cliff

Chuck Burrows was my inspiration for getting into leatherwork. I was greatly saddened by his untimely death and feel it was a huge loss to all those who were learning from his vast knowledge base.

My attempts at contacting Chuck's heirs have not produced any fruit. It was my original intent to acquire or sponsor the original website but unfortunately, the company that owns the domain thinks it's worth a lot more than I wanted to pay. I am moving forward with and it will be strictly a memorial site for Chuck's work. I have already registered the domain and have given instructions to my web developer to get started. It won't restore the pictures to his forum posts but at least it's a start. I will keep an eye out on the .com and hope that I can secure it at a later date, which would restore the photos to all his old forum posts. It will look like the original site but I will also add gallery pages where customers and friends can submit pictures to be posted and I may put up some of his forum posts as articles. While the site is mostly intact on the wayback machine, I will need some help locating the pictures that are missing. I'll have a page with a list of file names that folks can use to look through the pictures they have so we can fill in the missing pieces.

I have also setup a new email account so if you have something you want to submit, send it here:

wrtcleather at

I don't know if I need to say this or not but this is strictly a not-for-profit endeavor. It is not an advertisement or solicitation.

Edited by flattop44 on 07-25-18 12:01 AM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

32 Cal.
Posts: 8
07-25-18 03:47 PM - Post#1694846    

    In response to flattop44

Great news, the domain owner has come back and accepted my offer to buy the original I'll be able to restore all the pics to Chuck's forum posts.

Posts: 7924
07-29-18 01:26 PM - Post#1695302    

    In response to flattop44

That is WONDERFUL news!!

Now with your generous help, Chuck will go on teaching many of us and many new members as well.

Thank you ever so much.


Posts: 6552
07-30-18 06:30 PM - Post#1695477    

    In response to Artificer

Great effort, Flattop. I learned so much from Chuck. He set a high bar. We were just a few weeks apart in age.

Wick Ellerbe 
75 Cal.
Posts: 5679
Wick Ellerbe
08-03-18 11:24 AM - Post#1695953    

    In response to flattop44

Great news. I miss Chuck and always enjoyed talking with him. A great craftsman.

ny griz 
58 Cal.
Posts: 2467
08-05-18 12:21 PM - Post#1696185    

    In response to Wick Ellerbe


Navy Six 
32 Cal.
Posts: 15
08-06-18 03:57 PM - Post#1696400    

    In response to flattop44

Thank you for your efforts to restore the wrtcleather site. Chuck's work was beyond beautiful and I stupidly delayed placing an order with him . That is a regret I won't get over any time soon.

32 Cal.
Posts: 8
08-06-18 04:20 PM - Post#1696405    

    In response to Navy Six

We're still ironing out some kinks but the old Wild Rose Trading Company site is back online and some of Chuck's posts are populating with pictures. We'll be posting a page with a list of file names for pictures that are missing and an email to send them to if you have them saved. Check it out:

Grey Whiskers 
69 Cal.
Posts: 3221
Grey Whiskers
08-14-18 09:41 AM - Post#1697691    

    In response to 50cal.cliff

Sad news. His expertise will be missed.


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