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40 Cal.
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05-15-13 01:40 AM - Post#1280597    

Picked a Jukar up a few weeks back that is a .45 cal. What would be a safe load to start at and work up tp? I can't find anything on this pistol. It is sound and will probably be worked over when I get done with the InvestArms projet I am working on now.

70 Cal.
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05-15-13 04:10 AM - Post#1280606    

    In response to sumoj275

For nearly all front stuffer pistols, half as many grains as caliber is a good load. Ie in your case, 22.5 grains of 3fg.

62 Cal.
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05-15-13 08:20 AM - Post#1280642    

    In response to zimmerstutzen

I shot 20 gr. 3f in my Jukar .45 flintlock.

45 Cal.
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05-15-13 06:56 PM - Post#1280826    

    In response to sumoj275

Mine likes 30g of fffg also I had a hard time getting it to shoot strait and after careful consideration decided that the muzzle looked like it was cut with a hacksaw. after recrowning the muzzle and replacing the sights it is now my go to target pistol.

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05-15-13 07:08 PM - Post#1280830    

    In response to sumoj275

I'd say anything from 15 to 40 grains would be safe.

Personally, I wouldn't go as high as 40. Maybe 30 max?

The thing is, black powder takes a while to burn and in a short pistol barrel you won't get a lot of change in velocity by loading large powder loads.

Don't the larger powder loads kick more? Sure they do, but a lot of that increased kick is because of the additional weight of the powder charge.

Oh, that 30 grain max load will develop a muzzle velocity of around 1100 fps with a patched .440 diameter (128 grain) ball.

That's comparable to a lot of modern guns.
Just Jim...

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05-15-13 07:58 PM - Post#1280840    

    In response to sumoj275

I like lighter loads for target shooting. I use 15 grains in mine. There's little recoil and it's very accurate.

69 Cal.
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05-15-13 10:26 PM - Post#1280882    

    In response to CitadelBill

I agree with above posts. Anything over 40gr would just be wasting powder anyway.

Dicky Dalton 
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Dicky Dalton
05-17-13 06:19 PM - Post#1281380    

    In response to Mooman76

30 to 35 grains in my 45 flint is fine.

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05-18-13 12:35 AM - Post#1281456    

    In response to Dicky Dalton

Many thanks, I will start at 25 and ladder up and see where the sweet spot is. After getting it figured out I will update what she likes.

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05-21-13 03:42 PM - Post#1282461    

    In response to sumoj275

Hi here in Spain we use to shoot with lighter loads at 25 meters, usually for 45 caliber fff 13-16 grains and a bit of wheat semolina between the patch and the powder.

Hawkin Hunter 
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Hawkin Hunter
05-28-13 05:00 PM - Post#1284505    

    In response to sumoj275

hey sumoj I have a early cva phillidelphia derringer that was made by jukar it was given to me from a customer of mine when I worked for a local gun store a few years ago. it looked like a kit gun the stock was finished ok, the bbl. was not square with the breach plug. the lettering on the bbl. was half cut off at the muzzle. it had no sights. I could not hit the broadside of my closet with it. recently I got the urge to put sights on it I found an old inverted v sight with a small base off a mauser and made a rear sight that mounts using the tang screw. its not pretty but boy does that thing shoot 15 gr. of ff .440 rnd ball and pillow ticking shoots into an inch. at 7 yards. good shooting and god bless.

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