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45 Cal.
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12-09-12 04:02 PM - Post#1224168    

what is this?

Old Ford 
58 Cal.
Posts: 2261
12-09-12 04:15 PM - Post#1224174    

    In response to bowkill

I can't really see your pistol, however it looks like a Hoppe's .36 smooth bore.
It was sold as kit or finished.
It is a fun gun to shoot, not terribly accurate.
At ten feet it would do OK.
They were sold in the late 1970's and early 80's.
I hope this helps.
Old Ford

45 Cal.
Posts: 635
12-09-12 04:28 PM - Post#1224180    

    In response to Old Ford

thanks a guy had it listed for sale for 100. I think i will pass...

70 Cal.
Posts: 4985
12-09-12 04:59 PM - Post#1224193    

    In response to bowkill

yeah $100.00 is alot for that gut gun

I wouldn't give more than $50.00 for it.

DoubleDeuce 1 
69 Cal.
Posts: 3049
12-09-12 08:13 PM - Post#1224292    

    In response to bowkill

I have one of those pistols. They are pretty solid. I think I paid $49.95 for the kit, maybe twenty-five or thirty years ago.

Poor Private 
58 Cal.
Posts: 2064
Poor Private
12-10-12 12:37 PM - Post#1224538    

    In response to DoubleDeuce 1

I have one, I bought it from an antique dealer a few years back for a twenty dollar bill. Guy thought it was just a paper wieght. All brass, double barrel, double hammers 1 trigger. smooth bore .36 cal. pull both hammers back and pull the trigger 1 barrel fires then the other. If you pull the hammer back real qiuck they almost fire at the same time. Or pull 1 hammer back then you fire it, and save the 2nd shot for later. It's called a snakes-eye pistol. After just a bit of cleaning mine works perfectly.

40 Cal.
Posts: 218
12-10-12 01:27 PM - Post#1224558    

    In response to Poor Private

If i am not mistaken, i think Dixie Gun Works sells a kit for "snake eyes" pistol that looks like this for about $150.

Posts: 25567
12-10-12 07:30 PM - Post#1224727    

    In response to RonnieK

I'm pretty sure the "Snake Eyes" pistol which is made by Classic Arms/USA has both hammers striking from the rear of the barrels.

The pistol in the photo has hammers that strike down on top of the barrel and was called a "ETHAN ALLEN SIDE-BY-SIDE PISTOL".

It was marketed by Hoppe's and appears in the 1987 Dixie Gunworks catalog (and I'm sure in other years of that companies catalogs).

The 1987 price for the finished gun was $83 and a kit sold for $59.

Unlike "Classic Arms" who IMO makes some of the worst guns available from anyone (including the people in India), the Hoppe's guns do work and make rather interesting things to own.
Just Jim...

58 Cal.
Posts: 2219
12-10-12 09:06 PM - Post#1224763    

    In response to Zonie

About the only shootable pistol from Classic arms is the Ace. I have two and they took some tinkering to become reliable. The Twist barrel derringer isn't too bad but it is far from being a high quality piece.


Old Ford 
58 Cal.
Posts: 2261
12-10-12 10:03 PM - Post#1224780    

    In response to bowkill

This pistol is well made, and it far exceeds the junk from Classic Arms.It is smooth bored, and a faithful copy of the ones made in the late 1800's
It was designed for self defence at close up distance.
If I had the chance to buy one for a hundred dollars, I would jump on it. If was my fancy.
All the best
Old Ford

62 Cal.
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12-11-12 03:11 PM - Post#1225082    

    In response to Old Ford

I had one of these back in the day and had it nickle plated. It was a nice little pistol and I wish I still had it. I rarely see them come up on auctions and they always go over $100. The last one I was ready to pop on for $150 and someone bid it up to $195

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