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05-27-12 03:24 PM - Post#1150684    

There is a local classifieds web site that actually has a cannon for sale!!
The Bore diameter is 1-5/8" diameter. Someone told the seller that it is a three pounder? I am not sure, but I dont think that would make it a three pounder.
Any ideas what they would call that gun? It is 36" long inclding the cascabal?
It looks to have a steel liner, but it sure looks old. Like cast iron and painted black.
I wonder what a realistic vakue would be? He is asking $1,500.00. It is on a field carraige that appears to need totally replaced.

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05-27-12 04:33 PM - Post#1150709    

    In response to Bigmon

If he wants that much I would just buy one from hern

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05-27-12 06:08 PM - Post#1150737    

    In response to Bigmon

The bore size is not that of a 3-pounder gun. Even a 1-pounder (as rated for solid iron shot) had a bore diameter of 1.95".
A local friend who makes his own ML cannon has a 1.75" gun, the ball for which, IN LEAD ALLOY, weighs just under 1 pound, IIRC.
The gun you describe sounds very like one Dixie Gun Works used to sell as a '1/2 scale Napoleon', and which had a 1 5/8" bore. It was listed as being cast of gray iron (Napoleons were bronze), with a 3/16" steel liner of 1 5/8" bore. Other dimensions are listed as: diameter at breech, 5 1/2"; at muzzle, 4 1/2"; trunnion diameter, 2"; trunnion length, 1 3/4", and width between trunnion shoulders, 5 5/8". Weight is specified as 150 lbs. Oddly, length is not given, though the photo in the catalog shows a squatting man next to the upright tube, which is close to his height. Price in 1981 was $315 (tube only, and no carriage offered).
I hope this information helps you identify the gun. I think you'll find that, on the modern cannon market, that is no bad price for a gun complete with carriage, assuming both tube and carriage are in good condition.
mhb - Mike

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05-27-12 07:03 PM - Post#1150761    

    In response to mhb

use this to find weight for diameter.

1 5/8" would be a .6 PDR.

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